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a coarse loosely woven cotton gauze

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The collected rumen liquor was filtered through various layers of cheese cloth and mixed with buffered minerals solution in 1:2 ratio and placed at 39 C under O2 free environment.
Wipe away corrosion residue with a cheese cloth, NSN 8305-00-267-3015.
Strain the mixture through a cheese cloth and pour it into a jar with a tight-fitting lid
It has mould, a thermometer, cheese cloth, rennet tablets, sachets of starter culture and a recipe card.
It can also be drained with cheese cloth to make a soft kefir cheese that can be flavored with herbs and used as a cracker spread.
The first step to making baladi goat cheese is pouring the milk through cheese cloth to catch any impurities.
Higher temperatures necessitate fewer aging days and the covering of meat with cheese cloth to keep flies away.
Blend very well and sift with a cheese cloth (or any cotton cloth) into a bottle and put it in the fridge to chill.
Ladle curds out of the pot into a large colander, lined with a double thickness of cheese cloth and set over a clean bucket.
As the cheese cloth was grabbed, it shredded, throwing white cloth every where.
You can try rubbing a bar of soap on the window or covering it from the outside with cheese cloth.
Spread out cheese cloth in each pan, and then secure to the sides with clothespins, making sure that the cheesecloth is pulled tight and the tomatoes don't touch the bottom of the pan.
the savings she wrapped in cheese cloth and hid in her left stocking
Embroidered cheese cloth top, pounds 30, Topshop, 0870 122 8808