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a village in southwestern England where cheddar cheese was first made

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This is a report on the Cheddar Cheese markets in the West and East Europe, Middle East and North Africa,Africa, Asia, Central Asia and Caucasus, Latin and North American regions.
While volume growth in the cheddar market has been minimal over the year at 0.
Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs Richard Lochhead announced that Orkney, Scottish Island Cheddar has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status under the EU Protected Food Names (PFN) scheme.
Orkney Scottish island cheddar has been produced with locally sourced milk from a recipe passed through generations since 1946.
The company said it was withdrawing Kerrygold Mature Irish Cheddar and Kerrygold Extra Mature Irish Cheddar from the mults, less than eight months after the SKUs launched in the UK.
Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar was victorious at the home of Cheddar at the Bath and West Show in Somerset.
Ms Stokes said brands are also key to the category, driving growth of cheddar volume.
Scientists at North Carolina State University set out to compare the flavor and flavor stability of fresh and stored liquid Cheddar and mozzarella whey, which not been previously compared.
Some kids who don't like Cheddar might tuck into this milder, more rubbery cheese.
include Just Delicious Extra Mature Cheddar, Rich & Creamy Mature Cheddar, Simply Gorgeous Vintage Cheddar, So Mellow Mild Cheddar, TNT Aged Cheddar and Village Oak 18 Month-Old Cheddar; Wyke's Truly Scrumptious Farmhouse Butter is also being introduced.
Enjoy a scrumptious summer by winning a super Seriously@ Strong Spreadable Cheddar picnic rug and hamper.
McLelland Seriously Strong Cheddar suggests the following ideas:
They're packaged in 4-ounce bags that contain 480 calories (for each flavor), with 12 grams of fat in the lightly salted and barbecue flavors and 14 grams in the Cheddar flavor (per bag, which is four servings), as opposed to 640 calories and 40 grams of fat in the same amount of regular fried potato chips.
Enjoy this delicious vegetarian version made with mature farmhouse Cheddar cheese.
Visions of grilled-cheese sandwiches would dance through my head at odd moments, and free sample chunks of cheddar at the supermarket would make my mouth water.