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a digit representing the sum of the digits in an instance of digital data

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Checksums are another possible solution to help combat bit rot.
When sending an ASCII message, the two CRC16 checksum bytes were added at the end of it.
In some industries, for example, auditors or regulators may require time stamps, checksums or other proofs that long-term archived data has not been altered, or a record of who made any changes to it and when.
NexentaStor has a number of features, such as end to end checksums and unlimited snapshots, which allow our users to achieve even better data reliability than legacy hardware storage solutions without purchasing high cost legacy solutions.
The application should generate and verify cryptographic hashes or checksums for images, disks and files using the MD5 algorithm at a minimum.
DCC (Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse) is a system of millions of users, tens of thousands of clients and more than 250 servers that collect checksums related to more than 180 million messages per day.
the checksums of all selected files during a verification operation or
0 includes integrity checksums and checksum verification, as well as built-in FTP and image compression capability.
WinGuard ID works by scanning a variety of information about the user's PC, including checksums, dates and other specifications.
BladeLogic excels at building new servers and applications based on these models or scanning and repairing out-of-whack servers, where other vendors must perform binary comparisons or file-level checksums.
The system's automated ThreatLab(TM) alerts, which include phrases, script contents and file checksums, update the software without operator intervention, giving additional protection against emerging threats and reducing the time and cost of updating.
Patch Identification -- The Symantec ON iPatch engine utilizes an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file that contains information on which patches are available, the files, file versions and checksums in each patch and their locations on the scanned computer.
You Synchronize uses a uniquely accurate and proprietary Time And State (TAS) sync technique that guarantees accuracy by storing and comparing sophisticated checksums over time.
Security is provided through the use of encrypted passwords, mutual authentication, data encryption, and encrypted checksums.