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a place (as at a frontier) where travellers are stopped for inspection and clearance

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Militants attacked a security checkpost situated in Kaka Ziarat area of Spin Wam near the Pak-Afghan border killing a major rank officer of the Pakistan Army.
The militants fired rocket-propelled grenades before ransacking the checkpost in Jamrud area of Khyber tribal district near the Afghan border, dpa quoted military officials as saying.
India is upgrading seven Land Custom Stations into world-class Integrated Checkposts with customs and immigration facilities at a cost of Rs.
A suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into a checkpost, manned by both Frontier Core (FC) soldiers and police in Till area of Hangu town, about 150 kilometres from Islamabad, local District Police Officer (DPO) Mian Muhammad Saeed told KUNA by telephone.
Another official said that the civilians were killed when one of the suicide bombers ran into a house as security forces attempted to repel the attackers from the checkpost.
According to Major Hamoud Saeed Al Afaari, Head of the Al Ghuwaifat Border Checkpoint Police Station, travelers who departed the UAE through Al Ghuwaifat checkpost from January 1 to September 30 reached 580,353 people, whereas 576,085 people entered the country via the same checkpoint.
In Mahbubnagar district, police seized two amounts of money at the same checkpost at Devarakadra.
On May 2, three policemen were injured when unidentified gunmen fired at a police checkpost in the Hanjarwal police precincts in Marghazar Colony.
At least 46 people have died and several are wounded after a bomb exploded at a police checkpost near Jamrud town in northwest Pakistan's Kyber region.
A suicide car-bomber has killed at least eight people in an attack aimed at a military checkpost in northwest Pakistan's Swat Valley, officials have said.
He has gone missing between the last checkpost and Jamrud border post.
Peshawar -- As tension escalated between Kabul and Islamabad, Afghan army attacked Pakistani security checkpost on Wednesday.
JAMRUD -- Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz Agency General Secretary Saeed Jan Kokikhel demanded the concerned authorities that animals smuggling to Afghanistan should be stopped as well as personnela[euro](tm)s should be changed of Bhagyari CheckPost and the Political Agency Khyber should be changed as well.
The Jilong Checkpost of China at the border of Rasuwagadhi, together with the upgraded Rasuwagadhi Customs Point of Nepal will start functioning.
KARACHI -- Pakistan Coast Guards has seized a fine quality of heroin worth Rs 100 million, from Bakhar Naka checkpost near Windar Balochistan, said a PCG press release issued on Thursday.