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a place (as at a frontier) where travellers are stopped for inspection and clearance

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LANCASTER - A Sheriff's Department checkpoint netted one suspected drunk driver, others carrying methamphetamine and marijuana, and dozens driving without licenses or with suspended or revoked licenses.
Law enforcement agencies have used saturation patrols much longer than checkpoints, sometimes under a different name or no name at all.
In contrast, ArQule's small molecule ACT product candidates, including ARQ 501 and ARQ 171, activate under-functional checkpoints and re-enable the cell to detect and respond appropriately to DNA damage.
Sheriff's traffic officials have focused on checkpoints as a deterrent since a 1999 Department of Motor Vehicles study indicated that drivers with suspended or revoked licenses were four times as likely to be involved in fatal crashes, six times as likely to be in injury crashes and 11 times as likely to be convicted of drunk driving than licensed drivers.
The Supreme Court has likewise resolved the first two factors of the balancing test in favor of checkpoints designed to detect illegal aliens,(8) and those designed to enforce driver licensing and vehicle registration laws.
The operation called for the cordoning of an 8 block area and the use of vehicle checkpoints to screen all individuals attempting to drive into the area.
DALLAS -- Grand Hyatt DFW, adjoined to the state-of-the-art International Terminal D at DFW International Airport, today announced that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently given the hotel authorization to implement a unique pilot program - Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Access Authorization to Commercial Establishments Beyond the Screening Checkpoint Pilot Program (AAACE Program).
TSA to Begin Pilot Testing MSC 40 at Maryland MARC Station; Customizable, Container-Based Mobile Checkpoint Enables Deployment of Security Screening at Nearly Any Location
Nasdaq: ARQL) today announced the initiation of GLP toxicology studies with ARQ 171, the second compound generated through the Company's ARQ-550RP Activated Checkpoint Therapy(SM) (ACT) program, under its agreement with Roche.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Checkpoint of the Future Laboratory Explores Innovative New Aviation Security Technologies
As a result of the successful trial, Checkpoint and Metro are now closely collaborating on the next stage planning for Metro's roll-out in 2007.
ADS provides Checkpoint with new technological and production capabilities in the UK, China and Turkey, and extends its network of global print-shops.
METRO Cash & Carry to Improve Customer Service Through Sophisticated Shrink Management Solutions from Checkpoint Systems
ARQ 501, the Company's lead product generated from its Activated Checkpoint Therapy(SM) (ACT) platform, is being developed under an alliance with Roche.