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Russian dramatist whose plays are concerned with the difficulty of communication between people (1860-1904)

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He is currently working on William Boyd's Longing - an adaptation of Anton Checkov short stories - alongside Tamsin Greig and John Sessions.
They seized 175 bottles of spirits from seven off-licences including Danoff vodka, High Commissioner scotch whisky and Checkov and Glens vodka.
Moving on from playing Checkov in the recent Star Trek remake, Anton Yelchin plays Kyle Reese, the man who was originally sent back in time in The Terminator to protect Sarah Connor and (father) her then unborn child.
Austrian owners Stall Christ- Lacke are trying to buy Anton Checkov and he likely to end up with trainer Uwe Ostmann.
The world's heaviest pumpkin weighed in at 1,469lb and was grown by Larry Checkov, of the USA, last year.
The optimism of Akachi Ezeigbo can be likened to that of the modern Russian dramatist, Antonin Checkov, whose characters assume a cheerful disposition in their confidence in a better tomorrow even in the face of current struggles against the seemingly unavoidable chaos of modern life.