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the act of reporting your presence (as at an airport or a hotel)

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Using the mobile CheckIn app or its desktop version, agents can follow a daily checklist of pre-scheduled CheckIns, including phone calls, emails, door knocks and door drops.
Airlines are allowed to offer ' no check- in baggage/ hand baggage only fare scheme' subject to the condition that the penalty to be imposed on a passenger who avails such schemes but turns up with baggage for checkin at the airline counter cannot exceed the amount of incentive offered compared to the lowest fare," the aviation regulator has stated in its latest Air Transport Circular for unbundling services.
Consumers to gain support for causes that are personal to them through a frictionless checkin and social media post process.
An onlooker says: "Noel and his wife locked horns with BA staff at checkin, where they were forced to pay a surcharge for extra luggage.
ISLAMABAD -- The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has spent Rs 399 million on the renovation and expansion parking, international departure briefing area, creation of space for installation of latest security equipments and extra passengers' checkin counters at Benazir Bhutto International Airport (BBIA) Islamabad.
PIA checkin counters close 45 minutes before departure time for International flights and 30 minutes before departure time for domestic flights.
With a host of guests, the media and the top management of Bank of Beirut, the 100 winners of Checkin & Win app.
That is why we were the first airline in the world to introduce complete inflight mobile phone and WiFi connectivity in 2010, and why we have unveiled luxurious new business class lounges at Muscat and Bangkok airports, refined and elegant premium checkin facilities at Muscat, and complimentary chauffeurdriven airport transfers for business class passengers at many of our international destinations.
bmi regional offers 30-minute checkin, assigned seating, complimentary food and drink, and operates a 'bags fly free' policy.
Similar to web checkin, passengers can select the option when booking flights, with the system automatically allocating a seat and generating a boarding card via email or SMS text messaging.
General Wilmer Flores, national director of the criminal investigations unit, said Twell was held by his officers at checkin, claiming he was seen acting suspiciously in the airport.
High tech features include a 3G iPod touch in each of the 61 bedrooms, restaurant wine lists displayed on iPads, complimentary Wi-Fi and a paperless checkin.
More and more no-frills carriers now sting passengers for credit card, checkin and baggage costs as well as seat selection or priority boarding passes.
The BBC's Mark Freeland said: "After such a flying start, it's great that Matt and David will again be filling the checkin desks, departure lounges and cockpits with their weird and wonderful characters.
As per latest reports, the systems have been restored, but the passengers are facing difficulty in checkin in.