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a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors

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74) As discussed below, beyond these informal variances of sovereignty, the federal government has expressly anticipated and allowed for the checkerboarding of Indian and non-Indian territory in both the Dawes Act of 1887 (75) and the acquisition of indian lands provision under 25 U.
Additionally, nothing was done to discourage the likelihood of checkerboarding during the period between when the perpetual trusts of the Dawes Act were established in 1934 and the present.
99) Unlike the Dawes Act, where the government assumed that the resultant checkerboarding would fade as fees were patented in the Indian landholder, these land trusts are established indefinitely.
Hemi has added more and will continue to add to its checkerboarding lease holdings in Fort Worth that will absolutely be legally required "well spacing requirements" before major oil companies can obtain a permit to drill.
Hemi increased its checkerboarding of leases in Fort Worth that are intermingled with the Barnett shale leases of two large oil companies, listed on the NY stock exchange, that have major urban drilling programs.