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an autonomous republic in southwestern Russia in the northern Caucasus Mountains bordering on Georgia

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Chechnyan agents are not the only ones keen to collar Morgan when he emerges from El Renacer.
The Tsarnaev brothers who are of Chechnyan descent and Adebolajo who is of Nigerian descent fit the last creation of al-Qaeda and its affiliates who are now recruiting individuals vie Cyberspace and utilize the same medium to supply them with blue prints for bomb making from readily available materials or launching unexpected attacks on soft targets.
Towers of Stone: The Battle of Wills in Chechnya" analyzes the current struggles of the Chechnyan people, many of whom still fight against the overwhelming influence of the neighbor Russia.
The Andre Fabre-trained challenger has raced for the Rothschild family but has this week been linked to Chechnyan president Ramzan Kadyrov, who has bought runners for the last two Dubai World Cups.
Yesterday, Russia targeted and killed Shamil Basayev, a Chechnyan terrorist who was also 'Vice-President' of Chechnya's separatist movement.
As a warlord's son is offered to the Tzar as a gesture of peace, Jamal Eddin grows into a proper gentlemen within the court, maintaining his faith and place as a Chechnyan Muslim.
It is a matter of record, for instance, that Mahmud Abbas' wife was banned in March 2010 from accompanying the Chechnyan President's mother to Jerusalem under the pretext that this might be construed as recognition of Palestinian sovereignty over Al- Aqsa mosque.
In another study of self-help groups offered to Chechnyan refugees in Austria, only participants with an HTQ score [greater than or equal to] 1.
This perspective changed when the Russian Federation-the successor to the Soviet Union--had to counter Chechnyan insurgents.
For example, "Russia has been unsympathetic to calls for recognition because recognition of Somaliland would have direct implications on Russia's position on Chechnyan independence.
The Russians under President Putin has crushed the Chechnyan rebel resolve but the problems persist.
The two-time Oscar winner has "deeply regretted" her taking part in a birthday celebration for Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechnyan President, who is accused of orchestrating human rights violations.
23) Worthy of mention are the Chechnyan separatists led by Shamil Basayev, who have attacked Russian targets since 1994.
There were a lot of enquiries, though the "best offer" was the one from Chechnyan side Terek Grozny.
Yesterday, it emerged Ms Zatuliveter, a Russian who originates from Dagestan, was forced to flee her home as a child in the mid-1990s during the Chechnyan conflict.