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an autonomous republic in southwestern Russia in the northern Caucasus Mountains bordering on Georgia

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114-30), homes in on the essence of Putin's philosophy vis-a-vis both Chechnia and Russia in stating: 'what he did have was a grand vision of "Great Russia" and two clear ideas: that military power is the key to restoring that "greatness"; and that total centralized control is the only rational way of organising the State's affairs.
Agnes Brown seems to be a universal figure - through reading the books The Mammy, The Chiselers and The Granny, people have got to know her and I've had fan letters from Chechnia, Bosnia, America - there's something about Mrs Brown that makes her an international woman.
He has taught the followers of armed extremist groups that have spread terror in the Punjab, the Middle East, Chechnia and Kashmir.
Even Switzerland, where UEFA is based, has advised its nationals not to travel to the area since three Britons were kidnapped and murdered in Chechnia in 1998.
The one constituent republic in which separatism ultimately led to armed confrontation was Chechnia, where a brutal war began in 1994, paused in 1996, and erupted again in 1999.
Meanwhile, the EU has been frustrated by Russia's corruption, authoritarianism, failure to reform and bullying of its neighbours and Chechnia.
There are several acts going on in the world right now, for example the destruction of Grozny in Chechnia by the Russians which are anything but civilised - yet the British government is being careful in "the moderation of its criticism".
The final impetus for Towards Humanity, however, was the avalanche of war images from the Gulf, Bosnia and Chechnia.
9) and for facilitating by such actions the prosecution of war in Chechnia.
The possibilities include using the current fighting in Chechnia as a pretext for giving Yeltsin "extraordinary" powers throughout Russia, or declaring him regent for an underage pretender to a restored monarchy.
When a coup in the North Caucasian Chechen-Ingush autonomous republic led to the proclamation of an independent republic of Chechnia, however, he wanted to send in troops, but the Supreme Soviet vetoed this.
Ibragimova, Chechnia posle Kavkazskoi voiny (1863-1875 gg.
Because Alania play some 60 miles away from war torn Chechnia, Rangers may need an escort of military fighters to get to the venue.