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a native or inhabitant of Chechnya

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a northern Caucasian language spoken by the Chechen

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Chechens come from two points of origin: roughly 600 from Chechnya proper and another 2,400 traveling from diasporas in Europe, having fled there in the 1990s and 2000s.
The clashes between the Chechens and the colonizing actions of the Russian Empire led to the creation of a strong Chechen "nationalist narrative.
On 25 July 1998, Yeltsin appointed him head of the Federal Security Service (Russian abbreviation: FSB; one of the successor agencies to the KGB), a position Putin occupied until August 1999 from where he was able to dictate covert wars against the Chechens to undermine the treaty that his boss and Maskhadov had signed in 1997.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The head of the Chechen Republic accused the Turkish authorities of aiding the ISIL terrorist group and taking part clandestinely in Western nations' plots to weaken and destroy Islam.
He further calls up his Chechen brethren that "all Arabs consider Caucasians as Chechens therefore we need a sister from the Caucasus.
You are not Chechens or Muslims," Kadyrov addressed these individuals, saying that they will all be eliminated because they went to Syria to murder Syrians, and that they will never be allowed to return to Chechnya.
How Did the Chechens Become Involved in Fighting in Syria and Iraq?
This is why we have never been indifferent to the struggle of our fellow Chechens for independence.
According to our calculations, there are only 14 Chechens there.
Yet, not all Chechens turned to their belief in Islam during the glasnost era.
The first is that although there were jihadist elements present in both incidents, she doubts that the main motivation of many Chechens involved in these operations was religious.
His insight helps answer the paradox that most of those who have studied the region grapple with: Why have the Russians never succeeded in extinguishing this 300-year insurgency while, at the same time, the Chechens have never been able to win their independence?
QUETTA, May 22, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Amendment to FIR against five Chechens including three women killed in firing opened by security forces and police in Khrotabad Quetta on May 17 is likely as postmortem of the five dead conducted on May 20 has revealed that one of the woman was seven-month pregnant and a dead baby was taken out from her abdomen during autopsy.
When I ask him if fighters are being trained and sent from Turkey, he chuckled: "Here the Chechens only think about bread.
Aa Fellow Chechens deported from Egypt believe he was taken by the Russian Special Service (FSB).