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an autonomous republic in southwestern Russia in the northern Caucasus Mountains bordering on Georgia

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Contributors analyze ethnic and nationalistic movements in such regions as South Ossetia, Tatarstan, Mordvinia and Chechenia, revealing to students and fellow scholars how these "nations without a state" are able to express ideologies and a mass consciousness.
The propagation, in some madrassas, like the madrassa Youldouz, and in mosques like the `Bulgar Mosque', of an Islamist teaching considered to be `fundamentalist', and the capture in Chechenia of fighters who had graduated from the Kazan madrassas, alarmed the authorities who reacted by expelling a number of Arab religious cadres and decided to closely supervise the training of their Muslim religious cadres.
RUSSIA'S bloody crisis in breakaway Chechenia was rapidly spinning out of control last night.
The horrific events in Chechenia make it all the more urgent for Kasakhstan to find solutions to its problems.
Russia would have preferred to control the Westward energy exports of the Caspian through an existing pipeline to its Black Sea port of Novorossisk via Chechenia, which is currently being renewed.