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English lyric poet (1887-1915)


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The Chawners first hit 200 aud X su hit our TV screens in 2006 when Emma auditioned for The X Factor, without success, singing Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On.
It was very brave and I commend you," Judge Niclas Parry told Mr Chawner.
Fans of The X Factor will no doubt remember the Chawners.
xx CHAWNER Stella In loving memory of Stella, sister to Lesley and Ann, aunt to Jarl, Rachel, Paul, Sarah, Hannah, Carolyn and Mark, greataunt to Freya, Milla, Ruben, Aramee and Sian.
EVERYONE who auditions for The X Factor dreams of fame, but Emma Chawner probably wasn't expecting her appearance on the show, warbling My Heart Will Go On in what appeared to be a bridesmaid dress, would result in her whole family being splashed across the papers.
Lorraine Kelly takes on the fattest family in the UK - the Chawner family - in her new six-part series, Lorraine Kelly's Big Fat Challenge, which begins on January 12 on the Bio Channel.
The team, which has only lost three games in the last four years, comprised Lee Wall, Connor Higgins, Lewis Exley, Nathan Johnstone, Lance McGlen, Dean Thompson, Sam Norris, Michael Barrett, David Luke, Ben Sayer, Dennis Knight, Liam McNamara, Lewis Howlett, Ben Gabrial, Connor Patton and Jordan Chawner.
Chicken plucker Robert Unwin and roly-poly Emma Chawner had the audience in stitches while wacky double act Ant 'N' Seb almost stole the show before the finalists returned to perform again.
Mick Chawner, Mobile Knowledge President and CEO, commented on the initiative, "We have invested heavily in the development of this state-of-the- art solution and it is fast becoming recognized as the industry leader.
Ryan Allmark then tapped in at 3-4 and Mick Chawner netted a late equaliser for Bolehall.
NASA engineers at several centers have been using Gridgen for many years so when they requested that we port to the Mac we took a very serious look at this platform," said John Chawner, Pointwise's president.
Fitzpatrick and Murgett were not the only Huddersfield starlets in action, as George Jaffry and Ellie Chawner also took to the court, but both were unlucky to exit in the first round.
Judge Niclas Parry also ordered a pounds 250 reward be paid to passer-by John Ashley Chawner, from Solihull, who stepped in to help Pc Harrison as the knife was being brandished.
In 1815, William Chawner set up his own family business, Chawner & Co.
X Factor reject Emma Chawner, 20, and tellytubbie sister Samantha had always insisted they are too fat to work and preferred to stay home scoffing fast food.