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English poet remembered as author of the Canterbury Tales (1340-1400)

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So it would seem that, boy though he was, Geoffrey Chaucer had already become important.
It is interesting, too, to notice in this preface that here Chaucer calls his King "Lord of this English.
Chaucer and Religion, Christianity and Culture: Issues in Teaching and Research, D.
Moreover, this use of the multivalent word "rede" hints at the word's importance in the dream visions, throughout which Chaucer draws on the multiple meanings of the verb: to advise, to interpret, and to recount, among others.
With a little help from a young Geoffrey Chaucer, played by Paul Bettany, Thatcher forges his records but must prove he deserves his new status in a jousting duel.
Under the agreement, Chaucer and London-based RFIB Ltd.
The British insurance company Chaucer Holdings Plc reported gross written premium of $1.
Residents in Chaucer Avenue and Sheridan Road, South Shields, complained because they couldn't park their cars in their own street.
Chaucer coins the word "library" in his translation of The Consolation of Philosophy--known as the Boece--and uses that word just twice throughout his fictional corpus.
The one "slight hiccup" occurred last year when London-based private equity firm Pamplona Capital Management took what was seen as an ambitious stake in Lloyd's insurer Chaucer Holdings plc (BestWire, June 26, 2009).
The only truth in the episode may be poetic, for it is poorly evidenced; most to the point, "[E]veryone who has written a biography of Chaucer," as Derek Pearsall put it, has found him "to be a decent sort of fellow" (Life 3).
Demand for freeze dried ingredients will increase as food manufacturers look to enhance their products with natural ingredients, says leading global freeze drying ingredient experts, Chaucer Foods.
The State Library of Victoria holds a wonderful collection of early Chaucer editions: two leaves from William Caxton's editions of The Canterbury Tales (from 1478 and 1483), and a more substantial group of relatively rare sixteenth- and seventeenth-century editions.
announced that Chaucer, the company's international specialty insurance group, has acquired SLE Holdings, a market-leading Lloyd's managing general underwriting agency based in Sydney, Australia.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 5, 2017-Hanover Insurance Member Company Chaucer Acquires Australia's SLE Holdings