Chattahoochee River

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a river rising in northern Georgia and flowing southwest and south to join the Flint River at the Florida border where they form the Apalachicola River

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A driving tour is also provided, as are essays on topics like Federal logistics during the campaign, the Chattahoochee River Line today, and why people believe Johnston could have saved Atlanta, some by additional historians.
The greenway will provide an entryway to the Chattahoochee River, which currently has limited trail access with the city limits, and will serve as a source of pride for the community for years to come.
33) Because northern Georgia lacks significant groundwater resources, the Chattahoochee River serves as the main source of public water for Atlanta, the largest metropolitan area in Georgia.
In Lake Seminole near Chattahoochee, Florida, the Flint and Chattahoochee rivers merge to create the Apalachicola River.
Many Atlanta residents already use the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, which was designated the first national water trail back in 2012.
Striped bass eggs were collected above both of the reservoirs, with the majority, 83% (N=75) coming from the Chattahoochee River above West Point Reservoir.
Previously, Salazar had announced federal designation of the Chattahoochee River Water Trail in Georgia, the first national water trail.
The river provides most of Atlanta's drinking water, and the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area provides more than 65% of the Atlanta metro area's public greenspace.
Vann deftly engineered approval of the road, and when it was completed in 1803, it ran past his land on the Chattahoochee River, where he operated a tavern, a store, and a ferry.
Sold Down the River: Slavery in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley of Alabama and Georgia considers a small part of slavery's North American experience in the lower Chattahoochee River Valley between Alabama and Georgia--a relatively new region.
The Chattahoochee River 911 Authority, or ChatComm, started in September 2009 as a joint venture with a neighboring city and a new contractor.
In spring 2009, Schwimmer asked Harrell to take command of a project as an independent study course to gather and analyze fossilized feces he had started to recover from a fossil hot spot along the banks of the Hannahatchee Creek in Stewart County, a major tributary of the Chattahoochee River, south of where the Piedmont meets the Coastal Plain.
Next the competitors were flown by UH-60 to Engineer's Landing on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, where they manned canoes and conducted a six mile boat movement.
After the helocast was the water confidence test, and then the teams were flown to Rotary Park on the Chattahoochee River for the legacy event--canoeing for nearly nine miles to the pet cemetery on Main Post where the final event, another buddy run started and ended nearly four miles away at Lawson Army Airfield's Freedom Hall, a change from previous competitions.
Following the ceremony, the bride's parents hosted a tented reception held at 10th Street and Bay Avenue next to the Chattahoochee River Walk overlooking the Chattahoochee River.
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