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a site on the internet where a number of users can communicate in real time (typically one dedicated to a particular topic)

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TV presenter Carol Vorderman, who has led calls to ban chatrooms, said: ``Chatrooms are not a necessary part of our society and teenagers do not need to visit them to have a good time.
A survey commissioned by children's charity NSPCC in January 2003 found more than nine in ten adults in the UK were worried about the threat posed to children by paedophiles in chatrooms.
There are plenty of ways to monitor the websites children access but as soon as they enter a web-based chatroom and - worse - get involved in peer-to-peer private chatrooms where there is no monitoring of the conversation, they are clearly in great danger.
gt;CHANNEL 4's unwelcome decision to shut its racing chatroom raises a number of questions about how well content on the internet is policed by those who publish it, and more trickily, just how an individual could be libelled in cyberspace.
The move follows the case of 33-year-old Damian Green who entrapped and sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl after meeting her on a Web chatroom where he posed as a teenager.
In addition to its own chatroom, the site includes the Briar Patch, where children can get answers to tough questions; Patch 'n Play, for games, jokes and humorous facts; LinkWorx, links to key medical resources; and, eventually, a parent/sibling page.
Those who use the internet to search for and share images of child abuse or to approach children in chatrooms to groom them for sexual abuse must be aware that the internet is not an anonymous place.
We are extending it to cover internet chatrooms to protect the users of our library computers as we protect the users of our sports facilities.
And they believe that in view of the amount of publicity dedicated to the negative potential of chatrooms, it is important that awareness is increased concerning the positive work that is being undertaken by 'moderation' companies, the Government and companies using chatrooms.
Outside court, police urged anyone who believed they had encountered Lindsell in a chatroom to contact them.
Deceiving them with a clever web of lies, chatrooms have seemingly proven to be a perfect way for paedophiles to trap unsuspecting youngsters.
MSN director Gillian Kent said she was appalled at the abusive language used in chatrooms.
Myleene offered this advice to youngsters: "You don't really know who you are talking to in chatrooms so it is vital to practice safe chat.
The Home Secretary is right to speed through new laws to deal with the menace of these sick paedophiles who silently stalk the chatrooms used by millions of innocent youngsters.
Police Sgt Jean-Marc Bazzoni warned later: "Never put names and addresses on the web if you're using chatrooms.