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Synonyms for chutney

a spicy condiment made of chopped fruits or vegetables cooked in vinegar and sugar with ginger and spices

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Plain Rice, Arhar Dal, Ghanta, Tomato Khajur Chatni, Fish Jhal & Soyabin
Apart from delicious grilled lobster, prawns and fish, this area is famous for its spices, and the dosa, a fried fermented rice and lentil-flour crepe, is often served with a hot, orange lentil sambar sauce and another bowl of mild coconut chatni.
Tenders are invited for sinking of mini deep tubewell at vill chatni mouza chatni jl no 138 plot no 02 under debagram gp
Khichdi, kadhi, bajar na rotla (bajar roti), chatni (paste of garlic and chilli powder) khaman dhokla and subji form the staple.
Visitors of Pakistani Stall were also served with Samosas, Pakoras with Podina Chatni and they were appreciative of spicy taste of Pakistani food.
The bazaars and markets are flooded with open-pickle, jams, chatni, kheer, pakora and samosas, cut-fruits and other snakes openly available without any cover.