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French statesman and writer

a very thick center cut of beef tenderloin

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Set to open fall 2015, the 11,000 square-foot restaurant has a reputation for its unique tableside service with Chateaubriand and Bananas Foster.
Madame de Stael and her fellow countryman Chateaubriand are considered as the leaders of the romantic school.
The hotel, 20 miles from the firm's HQ, boasts Dom Perignon champagne at PS265, Chateaubriand and pheasant on the menu.
Chateaubriand is the name for a double portion of which meat dish?
The website for Le Chateaubriand offers only basic information, like the restaurant hours, address, phone number, and price of the set menu.
From the PS12 cheeseburger to the PS48 chateaubriand, this is all largely meaty, heartily crowd-pleasing - unless you're a vegetarian, of course - fare.
From spicy tuna rolls to creamy risotto, rigatoni carbonara to pork chateaubriand and the indulgent chocolate espresso truffle cake, there are countless ways to create memorable dining experiences.
Astor Grill will also offer a modern take on French classics including traditional Chateaubriand steak prepared by the table on silver trolleys.
Dishes that are prepared at the table include the carvery Chateaubriand, flambe Tenderloin and the seared surf and turf which features Wagyu beef, lobster and coral cream.
You can wake up to the fresh air, spend a day in the spa which always cures a hangover, then book dinner - my favourite there is the Chateaubriand, washed down with my favourite wine, Rioja.
Earlier, though, we'd discussed sharing a chateaubriand, a thick cut of beef from the tenderloin, usually split between two people.
Within a chronological framework, the volume focuses on the writings of both well-known, and long forgotten writers, and is refreshingly critical of some of the most illustrious, including Chateaubriand and Guizot.
Em setembro de 1950, entrava no ar, no Brasil, a PRF-3 TV Difusora ou Tupi, em Sao Paulo, sob o comando de Assis Chateaubriand.
This is followed by entirely appropriate passion fruit sorbet, and then main course, roast chateaubriand, Northumberland lamb, or halibut 'en papillote' with aromatic herbs and lemon.
I had boldly laid out my order for a Brixham crab and lobster ravioli followed by a gorgeous throw-back dish of Chateaubriand.