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French statesman and writer

a very thick center cut of beef tenderloin

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Chateaubriand himself, having lost his revolutionary sympathies, enlisted in the royalist and counterrevolutionary army, which led to battlefield wounds and illnesses and a shadow over his own life.
Le Chateaubriand is a neo-bistro in the 11th arrondissement.
The Sunday Mirror checked five items and found Iceland cheapest for three - scallops, lobster and Chateaubriand steak - but Lidl gave best value on lamb shanks and Beef Wellington.
Rum Warehouse, Titanic Hotel, Stanley Dock: "Usually, post competition, when I can eat a little more and celebrate a little bit, I'll have a Chateaubriand fillet steak which serves two people or a ribeye steak served with new potatoes, mushrooms and peppers.
PS49 for a Chateaubriand steak meal and bottle of wine to share for two at Hotel Du Vin with LivingSocial.
Chateaubriand 4 personas 45 minutos 400 calorias * 4 medallones de solomillo de 150 gr.
The hotel, 20 miles from the firm's HQ, boasts Dom Perignon champagne at PS265, Chateaubriand and pheasant on the menu.
Chateaubriand habia exaltado la democracia de los Estados Unidos, ante lo cual Tocqueville reacciono como un fervoroso nacionalista monarquico y rechazo que Francia tuviese algo que aprender de la republica americana.
Chateaubriand is the name for a double portion of which meat dish?
L'ouvrage de Marika Piva place tres justement l'oeuvre de Chateaubriand a l'intersection de la tradition et de la modernite, et c'est la le grand interet de cette etude qui fait de l'auteur des Memoires d'outre-tombe un passeur entre deux mondes, entre deux univers, et qui lui donne ce statut si particulier dans l'histoire de la litterature.
The website for Le Chateaubriand offers only basic information, like the restaurant hours, address, phone number, and price of the set menu.
Estos son Frege (1970), Russell (1918) y Chateaubriand (2001).
With a home base in New York, Megu Doha's signature dishes include Megu Original Crispy Asparagus and Wagyu Kobe Beef Chateaubriand.
Here we have Date Nights with Chateaubriand and wine, family pizza workshops and Great American Steakhouse classes.