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beliefs and practices of a sect of Orthodox Jews

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Yeats to that Newark Jewish writer, Philip Roth, using the stories and sayings of Israel Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Chassidism, as our Rosetta Stone.
Gordon's approach, that of the educated Jew to individual and national restoration of the Jewish people, draws not only from the socialist viewpoint and from the Enlightenment, but also from the Bible, kabbalah, and chassidism (5):
Her knowledge of Judaism, the Jewish textual tradition, Jewish life, Zionism, antisemitism, Chassidism, German-Jewish literature, Yiddish literature and more, in relation to Kafka and Prague, is quite extensive and impressive.
Already in the late 1980s there was a struggle for control of the community between those who favoured the continuation of appointing the Chief Rabbi from the Mitnagdim tradition and those who wanted a Rebbe who practiced Chassidism (Kaplan 1991).
In his discussion of Salomon Maimon's influential Autobiography (1792/93)--one of the most original sections of the book--Schulte demonstrates how Maimon performed the victory of Western European Enlightenment rationality over a traditional Eastern Jewish world dominated by Kabbalah and Chassidism at the same time as he acknowledged the ineluctable attraction that these exotic worlds held for his Jewish and non-Jewish readers.