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of or relating to the Jewish Hasidim or its members or their beliefs and practices

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12) Gerald Benjamin, The Chassidic Presence and Local Government in the Hudson Valley, 80 ALB.
Sender Pleskin is a self-proclaimed trauma specialist dedicated to serving his Chassidic community and to "gently" nudging it into modernity.
Critique: An extraordinary and inherently fascinating read from beginning to end, "The Blind Angel: New Old Chassidic Tales" is a literary treasure and will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to any personal, synagogue, community, or academic library Judiac Studies reference collections.
Sabbath continues his search for pornography without any further commentary on the Yeats poem, but we, Roth's readers, are left questioning its purpose in Sabbath's Theater, and through that questioning and connecting the many texts Roth has chosen to place in his novel--there is also King Lear, Hamlet, Ibsen, scriptures, Chassidic tales, etc.
A close friend of the late historical revisionist Robert Faurisson, Dieudonne was also frequently condemned for public defamation in calling the Holocaust "memorial pornography" and, especially his 2003 television antics as a Chassidic rabbi/Israeli settler, goose-stepping, arm raised in a Hitler salute screaming "Isra-heil.
Stauffer suggests that the attitude of Gelassenheit "may be traced far back to the ideals of the chassidic martyrs in the times of Antiochus Epiphanes IV (c.
The session will examine the deep and hidden kabbalistic and chassidic meanings of the simple phrase and how to use it as meditation.
Since "Czernowitz" is the German language version of Chernivtsi, for many a myth will come to mind, a myth that has to do with the poets Paul Celan and Rose Auslander, with numerous newspapers in the city's languages of Yiddish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Polish, and German, with the place of Erwin Chargaff, Joseph Schumpeter, Nathan Birnbaum, Itzig Manger, Eliezar Shteinbarg, Shlomo Bickel, Mihai Eminescu, Joseph Schmidt, Karl Emil Franzos, Zhu Bailan, Aharon Appelfeld, and many others, with the Yiddish Language Conference in 1908, with the Chassidic rabbi dynasty of Sadagora, the numerous "Kaffehauser," a multicultural scenery, and much more.
For this occasion, Koner, who was Jewish, premiered Chassidic Song and Dance, in which the choreographer portrayed a young Hasidic Jew.
Besides two Orthodox, there are two more synagogues in Kosice: one is Chassidic, converted into a technical laboratory in the 1950s, the other is Neolog, turned into the "House of Arts" around the same time (Borsky 2007, 123).
Living in a predominantly Chassidic neighborhood in New York, the girls have been sheltered from all the things their community deems unseemly.
Classes will also explore the art of Chassidic storytelling, the Iranian nuclear threat, Jewish comedy, the Talmud, challah braiding, anti-Semitism, and Jews and the civil rights movement, among others.
CDATA[ The famed chassidic singer Yaakov Shwekey plans for his first-ever concert in Judea, an appearance in Efrat next week.
The community aspects of religious life were squarely at issue in a 2001 Quebec trial decision concerning the Chassidic Jewish community.
23) As told to me by my friend and Chassidic Rabbi, Lipa Dubrawsky.