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a sect of Orthodox Jews that arose out of a pietistic movement originating in eastern Europe in the second half of the 18th century

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Religious and irreligious, Chasidim and Misnagdim, rabbis and laymen, rich and poor .
91) If so, this would help explain why the Gra's animus toward the Chasidim would be especially aroused at Passover.
The Chasidim, who after prayer might watch the synagogue's educational video on Polish Jews, have a smoke, and then videotape graves in the nearby Remu cemetery with their camcorders?
For example, Sefer Chasidim (at 234) rules accordingly that a father who asked his son to provide him with food or drink against medical instructions need not be obeyed.
At The Village Gate, Carlebach occupied one of the central stages of the Folk Revival, but his audience remained largely Jewish, non-chasidic chasidim of a sort, who found in his songs a new voice of traditional Judaism that could transgress without transgression.
For over 11 years, Talia's Steakhouse has continuously reinvented the strictly Glatt kosher restaurant as a hip, modern place, where everyone will feel welcome: from Chabad and Satmer Chasidim to Modern Orthodox, secular Jews, non-Jewish customers and all other ethnic groups, Talia's has something for everyone.
For decades, there were apparently no overt objections to the flags, and even the newly arrived chasidim were at first merely bemused by this American innovation.
Singer, in The Magician of Lublin, observes: "Emilia had presented Yasha with a volume on the Christian religion written by a professor of theology, but the story of the immaculate conception and the explanation of the trinity--the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost--seemed to Yasha even more unbelievable than the miracles which the Chasidim attributed to their rabbis.
Moreover, the Lubavitchers--and Chasidim generally--are a very small minority in North America, making any problems they might pose politically quite minor.
Only after thorough research did they learn that it revealed the presence of a dedicated and particularly hearty group of Lubavitch chasidim, known for their tireless efforts to reach Jews in the most remote regions, urging them to perform mitzvot.
My favorite shatkhn joke takes place in the home of Reb Teitelboim, head of the Satmar dynasty of Chasidim.
The reliance on "yikhes" ("Yihus" in Sherwin's transliteration, 93) led to nepotism, particularly among the Chasidim.
Aspects of Chasidic life in Eastern Europe are depicted, and the work dedicated to his mother consists of a meditative Vidui (contrition) section followed by Nigun (improvisation), and it ends with an illustration of Simchat Torah as the festival is celebrated by Chasidim.
Her publications include many essays and articles on the subject of Yiddish language use by contemporary Chasidim.
A few years ago, Syrian Defense Minister Field Marshal Mustafa Tlass signed a contract with Egyptian producer, Munir Radhi, to make a film based on Tlass's 1983 book, The Matzah of Zion, whose full-color cover is adorned with hook-nosed Chasidim draining the blood of a child.