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of or relating to the Jewish Hasidim or its members or their beliefs and practices

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36) A journalist's report of the Orthodox Union's plans for its 1956 convention showed the extent to which Carlebach had come to embody Hasidism in Modern Orthodox circles by then: participating in the convention's "'M'laveh Malkeh' session on Saturday evening" as a representative "of the Chasidic family who will render old Chasidic melodies.
Foreword: My Brother Jiff," in: Jiff Langer, Nine Gates to the Chasidic Mysteries.
A massive search led by the local Brooklyn Chasidic community for the missing 8-year-old led police to Levi Aron's Brooklyn apartment, where sources say he "implicated himself" in the murder of the Chasidic boy.
99) tells of a summer in paradise in Hawaii with an aunt--but Marne realizes her Hawaii stay will be filled with challenges when she confronts a much-changed aunt and the foreign culture of a Chasidic rabbi.
At the beginning and at the end of the film the same scene is repeated: the protagonist gives a party in which he engages a mariachi band, and asks them to accompany a band of klezmer musicians who play Chasidic melodies (featuring an original score by the "Klezmatics").
Taking a Chasidic approach that emphasizes the mystical-spiritual aspects of the goals an individual should strive for, Overcoming Folly guides the reader in means to overcome stumbling blocks to enlightenment.
The social and soul identities of Chasidic Jews are obvious with their way of dressing.
On November 30, 2006, a group of Chasidic teens from Antwerp was attacked by young Muslims in northeast Belgium.
Goldfinger was born into a Chasidic family in Hungary after World War II.
The notion derives from a comment by the Vilna Gaon and probably reflects his antipathy toward the Chasidic concept of the tzaddik.
A welcome and seminal addition to Judaic Studies in general, and Chasidic Studies in particular, Nurturing Faith is ably translated and annotated by Rabbi Yosef Marcus, and is enhanced with additional annotation by Rabbi Ari Sollish.
A combination of biography, philosophy, and story, The Great Mission is an hagiography which is unique from the many books previously written about Ball Shem Tov who founded the Chasidic movement.
This separation may also have been related to country of origin and religious sect, such as the division between Chasidic Jews and other sects of Judaism.
for nature), or chasidic naturalists of the eighteenth and nineteenth
The reasons for the "de-feminization" were complex, related to radical socialism and the Jewish enlightenment, as well as the lingering influence of the 18th-century Chasidic movement, which emphasized an individual's direct relationship with God and ecstatic spirituality.