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of or relating to the Jewish Hasidim or its members or their beliefs and practices

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A massive search led by the local Brooklyn Chasidic community for the missing 8-year-old led police to Levi Aron's Brooklyn apartment, where sources say he "implicated himself" in the murder of the Chasidic boy.
83) I believe the Gra's comments need to be understood in light of his extreme rejection of the Chasidic concept of the tzaddik, a figure in many ways modeled on the biblical Moses.
A combination of biography, philosophy, and story, The Great Mission is an hagiography which is unique from the many books previously written about Ball Shem Tov who founded the Chasidic movement.
This separation may also have been related to country of origin and religious sect, such as the division between Chasidic Jews and other sects of Judaism.
for nature), or chasidic naturalists of the eighteenth and nineteenth
Since the Union of Grand Rabbis of the United States and Canada had joined in sponsoring the march, there were Chasidic rabbis among the participants, which would probably not have been the case had the Agudat ha-Rabbanim been the sole sponsor.
Chalm knows something but both he and the Chasidic community close ranks against Peter.
Think of the Zen image of the laughing monk; John Cage's playfulness; the jokes of the thirteenth century Sufi poet Rumi, or those in the Chasidic stories told by Martin Buber; the trickster pranks of Coyote in Native American folktales, or Monkey King leaping to the end of the universe and peeing on the Buddha's little finger in a Chinese tale; remember the boyishly erotic mischievousness of the young Krishna in Hindu mythology.
The synagogue, enmeshed in a temple of huts, crouched eyeless and battered, round as a Chasidic hat, on the barren earth.
19th century Chasidic master, Rabbi Mendel of Kotzk, the subject of his
But readers anticipating a biography alone will find much more here: The Great Mission blends in philosophy and spiritual insights as well, offering stories and teachings from the founder of the Chasidic movement in a rare set of Judaism research findings.
Yiddish was the family language, and the young Mahler encountered Chasidic melodies from itinerant klezmer bands.
Whether it is modern Orthodoxy's broad acceptance of the bat mitzvah ceremony, or the Renewal movement's revisiting of classical Chasidic texts, the boundaries are being blurred.
Chabad, a Chasidic organization, offers educational and social services for the Jewish community living in Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks.
Dora Dymant of a Chasidic Polish family was a committed Zionist, and she must have been a strong influence on him.