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a member of a Jewish sect that observes a form of strict Orthodox Judaism

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Lifshitz turned on the chasid, and cried out in anguish "Un fair zaynen nit fun unzere?
The startled chasid, perhaps astonished that an "American" such as Mr.
Cited in Dan Almagor, 1968 (Ish Chasid Haya, Tel Aviv, Israphone LP recording AP 332.
What is your overall impression of Pastor Martin Niemoeller, this unusual chasid ummot ha-olam ("righteous among the nations"), in particular, his Christian teshuvah (here, "repentance") from loyalist to the Nazi Caesar to genuine hero of the church struggle?
Shazar was a Lubavitcher chasid and established a synagogue within the president's residence.
Rachel Altein, daughter of the American Chasid of Rabbi Schneersohn who spearheaded the effort, discovered her father's documents that detail the mechanics and minutiae behind the rescue.
I joined a minyan at one of the tables in the plaza, which was being led by a tall Chasid about my age.
The living tradition, the mouth-to-mouth transmission from teacher to student, was as important to Ben-Yosef as to an Orthodox chasid.
The work is simultaneously a reconstruction of Jewish life in the household of a Gerer Chasid, a portrait of small town Polish Jewry, a narrative of teen age restlessness, a chronicle of small scale commercial enterprises and the family feuds they engendered.
In the same spirit, Yiddish novelist Sholem Asch's The Nazarene (1939) pictured Jesus as a wonder-working Chasid betrayed by Roman imperialists who used blond, blueeyed shock troops imported from the Rhine "to hold the Jews in subjection.
Volodya Slepak's father, Solomon, is as rigid a Marxist as Reb Saunders is a Chasid.
Pilate's washing of his hands to disclaim responsibility for Jesus's death is a Jewish, not a Roman, gesture, making Pilate almost look like a pious Chasid.
Gradually, we see the strengthening of Rose's attachment to his people the deeper he gets into his journey, until at the end, when the arc is completed, and seeing a Chasid eating at a kosher McDonald's in Brussels, Rose impulsively kisses his cheek.
Velvel was a Chasid, a follower of the great Tolner Rebbe, whose "court" was more than a day's journey away.
Reb Yankele was a Chasid, one of the Chasidim of Reb Nachman of Bratslav.