Chartres Cathedral

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a Gothic cathedral in northern France

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INSPIRED The Shepherds Dene labyrinth is an exact copy of the famous one on the floor of Chartres Cathedral
The Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth is a beautiful spiritual pathway originally built into the floor of the French cathedral 800 years ago.
Du Sautoy describes the perfect proportions of Chartres Cathedral in France as "a symphony in stone".
Chartres Cathedral is a window to vintage stained-glass art Chartres, France, attracts visitors from around the globe with its preserved medieval community and the picturesque Eure River.
Lauren Artress went to Chartres Cathedral in France with a colleague where she was successful in having the Cathedral unveil their 11-circuit (which resembles 11 circles) labyrinth that had been inlaid in the stone floor in 1201 and hidden by rows of chairs for the past 250 years.
Southern's classic The Making of the Middle Ages, full of telling examples that conveyed the richness of the period as did the stained glass at Chartres cathedral reproduced on the cover.
He applies techniques of investigation and argument used by Caviness (2) and others (T A Heslop, P Binski, A Kostler) to the integrated 'whole' of Chartres cathedral.
Some buildings seem like dreams of the philosophers: the Chrysler Building, Chartres Cathedral.
Its circular route is similar to a floor design in Chartres Cathedral that pilgrims used to follow, sometimes on their knees as penance, piety or meditation.
For example, regarding the presence of artisans and merchants in the Infancy Cycle lancet, he raises questions of whether their appearance is due to local circumstance, as Jane Williams claims for a similar case at Chartres Cathedral, or to some other reason for which textual evidence is now lacking.
In gentle contrast, Paul Kos' 1983, 86-minute installation, "Chartres Bleu" uses 27 interrelated, vertically ascending monitors to re-create the passage from day to night across one of the stained glass windows of France's Chartres Cathedral.
Among the most famous is the labyrinth inscribed in the floor of Chartres cathedral in France.
The Chartres labyrinth pattern is based on the labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral in France.
This summer, the choir has already appeared at the Madeleine church in Paris, Chartres Cathedral, the National Festival of Music for Youth in Birmingham and the Brinkburn Festival.
Moreover, one can learn the amazing story of how Chartres Cathedral in France was rebuilt.