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a 19th century English reformer who advocated better social and economic conditions for working people

a stock market analyst who tries to predict market trends from graphs of recent prices of securities

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The Occupy Wall Street movement, for example, has its general assemblies; much like the Chartist movement had its general assembly rooms.
Universal suffrage for men (the Chartists thought they were more likely to win this, than they were obtaining suffrage for men and women) arrived in 1918, and for women in 1928.
There were Chartist riots in Manchester and London in 1848 and much of the detail of these and other actions can be discovered online.
The power and willingness of Parliament to shape the lives of the working class for the worse became a subject for a wide range of political commentators and journalists, including lames Bronterre O'Brien, William Lovett and James Watson, all of whom became prime movers in the Chartist movement.
The Chartists recognised this in the designation 'Chartist and Something More'--something more than a reform of the procedure for registering votes.
CHART TOPPER: Chartist (check cap) can score under Richard Hughes at Chester
The style and the accessibility of the text makes this a definitive account for anyone with a general interest in the Chartist movement, or for anybody embarking on a serious study of the movement itself.
It doesn't mean they're not going to participate, but there seems to be a shift to the traditional favorites,'' said Dan Sullivan, a portfolio manager in Seal Beach and editor of the Chartist stock newsletter.
I remember, too, the direct hit on an air-raid shelter in Chartist Road which killed an entire family.
Through a comparison of the political performance and reception of the Chartist Mary Ann Walker and the social reformer Josephine Butler, this article considers how changes in the organization of public meetings in the mid-Victorian decades helped to make female oratory more acceptable to audiences.
Three different categories of chartist analyses can be distinguished.
The five-year-old company also provides subscribers with more than 30 investment newsletters, including Dan Sullivan's The Chartist, Dan Rowe's The Wall Street Digest, Al Frank's The Prudent Speculator, George Putnam's The Turnaround Letter, and David Fried's The Buyback Letter.
The Chartist is rated second in both total returns and risk adjusted returns over the past 15 years as reported by the Hulbert Financial Digest, the leading independent newsletter monitor.
For example, Allen and Taylor (1989) show that Chartist forecasts are generally inferior to a simple random walk forecast.
He worked for the newspaper Leicestershire Mercury until his support of Chartism led to his dismissal in 1841, and he then began to edit various Chartist weeklies.