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an experimental public school for kindergarten through grade 12

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Charter schools operating in the facilities are Renaissance Charter School at Plantation, Imagine Charter and Middle School at Broward, Imagine School at South Vero, Championship Academy of Distinction-Davie Campus, and Kid's Community College Riverview South.
To meet this demand, charter schools require facilities financing options that address schools' specific needs.
The reasons for applying and receiving a charter vary from one school to another, even if the same entity is starting multiple charter schools (Cowen, 2008).
Two studies released by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools confirm that the charter school movement is growing and producing even stronger results.
Advocates for regular public schools claimed diversion of school funding to pay for charter schools is undermining the public school system, and called for a cap on charter school expansion and changes in funding formulas to better protect local school budgets.
Charter schools are popular because the district's administration has become so bloated and self-serving that it has lost sight of its main mission of educating kids.
Students who left public schools and are now in charter schools would be the best gauge of how charters compare to traditional schools, Hussey says.
The authors conclude that charter schools negatively affect performance, and that the public interest is not "well-served" by these schools.
Additionally, sponsors of charter schools receive compensation from the schools for their services as the managing organization; this is what provides an incentive to "for-profit" corporations to become involved with charter schools.
In school year 2002-03, some states reported that they provided charter schools flexibility by allowing them to choose their authorizer.
charter schools have not, on average, performed as well as their public school counterparts on standardized tests.
Across the country, parents are learning that charter schools, once promoted as an educational cure-all, are not all they are cracked up to be.
Charter schools are now ten years old, and the movement is still spreading.
Achievement Results Show High-Quality Charter Schools Seeking to Expand Under LAUSD Resolution Outperform Neighborhood Peers
Nine out of ten operating NH charter schools participated.
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