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an experimental public school for kindergarten through grade 12

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Charter schools identified as low-performing for three years in a row at the time of renewal will be identified for non-renewal.
While California's public schools transition to a new accountability system, CCSA and its members remain committed to ensuring charter schools deliver on their promise to students and their families.
Currently the Hart district runs two other charter schools.
We address this question here by examining the link between the establishment of charter schools in North Carolina and average student proficiency rates at the traditional public schools most affected by the new source of competition.
The National Governors Association and Center for School Change recently issued a guide for governors recommending states expand educational choices via charter schools, virtual schools and tuition assistance for private schools.
Originally designed to swap autonomy for accountability, charter schools were an experiment in deregulation.
Charter school advocates report that charter schools need buildings that allow them to grow as their enrollment grows and that they have limited access to financing for facilities--both of which make securing facilities one of the most difficult aspects of opening a new charter school.
Education officials in Texas have pull ed the plug on a church-run charter school that has been embroiled in scandal and financial mismanagement.
If charter schools prove not to be an effective piece in the school reform puzzle but only a colorful distraction, we will have squandered the energy of many engaged parents and teachers, and the democratic state's unifying spirit will have been diminished.
LOS ANGELES -- The California Charter Schools Association today announced that 75 new charter public schools opened their doors for the first time this fall, bringing the total number of California charter schools in operation to 750 charter schools, serving approximately 276,000 public school students.
It drew a barrage of criticism from supporters of charter schools, the fastest growing sector in public education, who had sent out press statements casting doubt on its methodology and findings even before they were officially announced.
That study plans to look at 50 middle schools (and, perhaps, some older students at elementary schools), despite the fact that, according to our estimates based on data from the Center for Education Reform, only about 20% of the country's 3,400 charter schools are middle schools or have a middle school plus high school design; the rest serve students beginning in kindergarten or 9th grade.
When the National Assessment of Educational Progress testing results revealed last year that fourth graders in charter schools performed at lower levels than their public school peers in reading and math, charter school officials said the reason lies in that more economically disadvantaged students are in charter schools than public ones.
New Resources Support Mission to Bring Charter Schools to Communities in Need
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