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the largest city in North Carolina

a mold lined with cake or crumbs and filled with fruit or whipped cream or custard

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It was when within a short distance of the dwelling of Charlotte that the gentleman ventured to allude to the event that had made them acquainted.
Morton has not now to learn that," said Charlotte, simply, but dropping her eyes; "I have been the next door neighbour of George all my life, and have seen too much of his goodness of heart not to have expressed the same opinion often.
It is fortunate that he can supply their loss in any way," said Charlotte, with emphasis.
I really wonder that you never took the office upon yourself," said Charlotte, busied in throwing aside her coat and gloves; "you appear to have so much interest in the gentleman.
Noah's shouts were responded to, by a loud scream from Charlotte, and a louder from Mrs.
And between every syllable, Charlotte gave Oliver a blow with all her might: accompanying it with a scream, for the benefit of society.
I don't know, ma'am,' said Charlotte, 'unless we send for the police-officers.
How abominably she behaved to Charlotte, now as always
Lucy fidgeted; it was tiresome of Charlotte to have stopped exactly where she did.
Yesterday had been a muddle--queer and odd, the kind of thing one could not write down easily on paper--but she had a feeling that Charlotte and her shopping were preferable to George Emerson and the summit of the Torre del Gallo.
Charlotte, with the complacency of fate, led her from the river to the Piazza Signoria.
But, Charlotte, it would have been much worse if Frank had disgraced himself in any way.
Isn't there some little cottage near you, Charlotte, which would do for us, with a spare room, perhaps, in case we asked a friend down?
Let me look at your engagement-ring, Aunt Charlotte," she said, noticing her own.
She returned just in time to join the others as they quitted the house, on an excursion through its more immediate premises; and the rest of the morning was easily whiled away, in lounging round the kitchen garden, examining the bloom upon its walls, and listening to the gardener's lamentations upon blights, in dawdling through the green-house, where the loss of her favourite plants, unwarily exposed, and nipped by the lingering frost, raised the laughter of Charlotte,--and in visiting her poultry-yard, where, in the disappointed hopes of her dairy-maid, by hens forsaking their nests, or being stolen by a fox, or in the rapid decrease of a promising young brood, she found fresh sources of merriment.