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United States saxophonist and leader of the bop style of jazz (1920-1955)

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John Connolly (Dublin, 1968) en El invierno del lobo (Tusquets, 2014) nos atrapa con otro caso del detective privado Charlie Parker, aquel personaje que ha aparecido en novelas como en Todo lo que muere (2004), Los hombres de la guadana (2009), Cuervos (2012) o La ira de los angeles (2014), quien vuelve a inmiscuirse en un caso donde todo apunta al suicidio de Jude, un indigente, quien viaja a Prosperus en busca de su hija e inexplicablemente muere al regresar a su casa pero que la realidad de dicha muerte es mas siniestra y sobrenatural que lo que parece.
Naturally a Charlie Parker novel without the presence of the Collector or introduction of the occult would not be in keeping with the series, so, naturally, both are present and play a major role in the unraveling of the plot, along with the presence of Charlie's daughters, the living Sam and the deceased Jennifer.
However, the death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter draw the haunted, lethal private investigator Charlie Parker to the town.
A song called Laura performed by Charlie Parker from an old black and white film noir movie.
His latest book, The Wrath of Angels ( Hachette; ` 350), continues in the life of one Charlie Parker based in Maine, USA.
Energy Minister Charlie Parker tabled a bill that would impose a permanent ban on drilling for oil or gas onshore of the island, and within one nautical mile (nearly 1.
It is also centred around the compositions of Charlie Parker, though this time there are just three Parker tunes, with six Bates originals and a contrasting coda of a vocal arrangement of Burt Bacharach and Hal David's A House Is Not A Home.
99) * FANS of the Irish author's spooky Charlie Parker thrillers will be surprised by John Connolly's latest outing.
Charlie Parker, depute provincial de Pictou West, a ete elu president de l'Assemblee legislative de la Nouvelle-Ecosse.
But the wines are still brilliant and eccentric, and now they're paired with small plates by Charlie Parker, of Los Gatos's famed Manresa.
The experience of listening to Charlie Parker playing April in Paris on the radio so exhilarated the 17-year-old that he rushed off to buy every jazz album in Jerusalem's only music shop.
As the title indicates, Gluzband and friends pay homage to the musical spirit of the jazz giant Charlie Parker by revisiting a handful of Parker's compositions, while interpreting some Latin jazz standards and a few original scores, all in an idiom that blends bebop and Afro-Cuban rhythms.
Private eye Charlie Parker is back, but so too are numerous ghosts which haven't yet been laid to rest.
Chasin' the Bird: The Life and Times of Charlie Parker.
They compose and play their own music as well as playing popular pieces from jazz greats including Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington and Courtney Pine.