Charlestown Navy Yard

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the navy yard in Boston where the frigate 'Constitution' is anchored

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Follow the trail over the off-windy Charlestown Bridge and look to the right: restored and docked in the Charlestown Navy Yard sits the U.
Charlestown Navy Yard The Freedom Trail continues into the Navy Yard, which opened in 1800.
Constitution is located in the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston.
The Museum, located adjacent to USS Constitution in the historic Charlestown Navy Yard, is open seven days a week, 9 a.
were among a large cache unearthed during construction of the new Spaulding in the former Charlestown Navy Yard.
USS Constitution crew members practice setting and furling the ship's main topsail in preparation for the chief petty officer selectee events held aboard every year during the last two weeks of August at Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston.
Here at Charlestown Navy Yard, the Park Service preserves the birthplace of more than 200 United States warships -- including the U.
She invited anyone interested to come by the Charlestown Navy Yard to visit the new War of 1812 discovery center, which is opening this spring as part of the bicentennial celebration, or to visit www.
Isaac Hull gave the sword to Commodore David Porter in 1822 in gratitude for Porter's role in clearing him of false charges of misappropriation of funds brought against him when he served as Commandant of the Charlestown Navy Yard after the War of 1812.
She became affiliated with the Charlestown Navy Yard as a welder at the outbreak of World War II.
Where: San Francisco The Marina Room Fort Mason Center Landmark Building A San Francisco, CA Boston The Commandant's House Charlestown Navy Yard 1st Avenue at 5th Street Charlestown, MA
CHARLESTOWN NAVY YARD, Boston -- Please replace the release dated September 13, 2006 with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.
Allen "planted acorns, chestnuts and locusts" in Massachusetts, and wood from his trees was "used in the Charlestown Navy Yard for building vessels during the War of the Rebellion," the Civil War.
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