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United States philosopher and logician

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What we want to investigate here are the sources in the Latin Age so far proven common to the semiotic of Charles Peirce and that of John Poinsot; so far, that is, as such sources can be presently outlined.
Goudge, "Views of Charles Peirce on the Given in Experience," Journal of Philosophy 32 (1935) 533-44; "Further Reflections on Peirce's Doctrine on the Given," Journal of Philosophy 33 (1936) 289-95; Jeffrey Di Leo, "Peirce's Haecceitism," Transactions 27 (1991) 79109; Robert A.
Charles Peirce, the founder of the American pragmatism movement, summarized the necessity and methodology of the scientific method in countless articles in mathematics, chemistry, and philosophy.
Walton was designed by Charles Peirce and J Weightman and constructed in Hornby Road, Liverpool, with an initial capacity for 1,000.
Drawing on the work of Charles Peirce and Bernard Lonergan, this paper argues (1) that inferences are essentially related to a process of inquiry, (2) that there is a normative pattern to this process, one in which each of Peirce's three distinct types of inference--abductive, deductive, and inductive--plays a distinct cognitive role, and (3) that each type of inference answers a distinct type of question and thereby resolves a distinct kind of interrogative intentionality.
This is not so very difficult, he points out, because many of these linguistic philosophers were in fact anticipated by pragmatist stalwart Charles Peirce.
Kenyon than those of William James and Charles Peirce.
Anixter's Charles Peirce explained that Qwest initially is installing a dozen American Access floor units for patch panels in the Sterling, Va.
with the work of Charles Peirce, William James, John Dewey and others.
William James, for example, explicitly advocated the connection between truth and the epistemological process that was implicit in Charles Peirce.
Following Christ's directive, "By their fruits you will know them," pragmatists trace out the logical consequences of ideas--even if often with less stringency than did Charles Peirce, the "father" of pragmatism.
The perspectives in this collection are as heterogeneous as the thinkers that inform the essays: Charles Peirce, Martin Buber, Roman Jakobson and the Prague School, Claude Levi-Strauss, George Herbert Mead, and Mikhail Bakhtin.