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Scottish physician who discovered that elephantiasis is spread by mosquitos and suggested that mosquitos also spread malaria (1844-1922)

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In January of 2011, Charles Manson published a 12-page ATWA booklet that includes his life experiences in his own words, the role of ATWA, and the Savior Project.
The 29-year-old, who received the prize during a ceremony at Swansea's National Waterfront Museum, once wrote in Granta magazine: "My father first came to Death Valley because Charles Manson told him to.
23 ( ANI ): American criminal, who is touted to be next to Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson has said that sex to him is like going to the toilet and whether it's a girl or not, it doesn't matter to him.
Saul Steinberg and Raymond Pettibon might seem to come from separate planets--the one the emigre cosmopolite whose drawings for the New Yorker amused and fascinated sophisticates for nearly sixty years, the other the expert in LA grunge, master of the iconology of Charles Manson, an artist grounded in comic books and punk.
A teacher in Iowa corresponded with Charles Manson, the imprisoned mass murderer, and shared the letters with his class.
The same Jay Adams from the Dogtown movie who has a tat too collection on his body that includes swastikas, Charles Manson, anarchy, and other random symbols of hatred and disorder?
These sites humorously suggest that the famously taciturn puppet is behind much evil in the world, doctoring photographs to show Bert alongside the likes of Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, and Jeffrey Dahmer.
Barring the unforeseen event that the man next door turns out to be Charles Manson, that is.
Recently I was forced by Pat Buchanan on national television to admit that the Charles Manson family was evil and sinful.
As if connecting all those dots would make a picture, Dan drew lines between Jim Jones and alienation and Gnosticism and Easter and resurrection and ancient times and yellow marshmallow peeps and Bo and Peep and cloning and losing sheep and not knowing where to find them and then finding them wearing Nikes and the JUST DO IT mantra and the swoosh icon like some big checkoff on the road to the final four and computers and comets and Hale Boggs and Charles Manson and his parole denied which was fine with Chuck because he wanted to keep working on his web site, www.
Charles Manson aside, this Beatles offering is considerably more frightening than "Helter Skelter.
Big Daddy also has a rich catalogue of classic rock, pop, jazz, soul and R&B, including the sounds of the Plasmatics, Solomon Burke, the Stylistics, Charles Manson, Robin Trower and Spyro Gyra.
Mass murderer Charles Manson has gotten a license to marry a 26-year-old woman who visits him in prison.
Former Charles Manson follower and convicted killer Leslie Van Houten has been denied parole for the 20th time since she was sentenced to life in prison for her role in the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders, among the most notorious crimes of the 20th century.
PRISON letters written by London gangster Reggie Kray and US death-cult leader Charles Manson are to go under the hammer.