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as Charles II he was Holy Roman Emperor and as Charles I he was king of France (823-877)

son of James I who was King of England and Scotland and Ireland

king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor

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Unlike his father James I, Charles I was not given to committing to writing his thoughts on the English Constitution or any other subjects.
He was a dedicated Puritan, one who strongly supported Oliver Cromwell in the parliamentary struggle against King Charles I.
IT was more than 350 years ago that King Charles I had planned some of his Civil War battle strategies in the room in which I was standing but it felt like he'd upped and left the day before.
Caroline Hibberd offers illuminating insights into the character of Charles I, with his disposition to view politics in terms of personal honor, always a concept that included a degree of physical violence, as with the duel.
After dinner we walk to the King's Head pub which, so the story goes, was given as a reward to the man who carried out the execution of Charles I - I guess the clue's in the name.
Fairfax has earned a reputation as a dull-witted "cipher" (4, 215), yet Hopper argues for his importance in leading the parliamentarian forces to victory over Charles I and the royalists in the two Civil Wars.
Many authors also discuss an increasing number of political martyrs, such as Charles I, conforming to the Christ-like model.
The King's Pictures: The Formation and Dispersal of the Collections of Charles I and His Courtiers
He decided to specialise and set himself the challenge of acquiring a silver coin or coins from the reign of every English monarch from King Athelstan ( 925-939) and Charles I (1625-1649).
No one familiar with the recent historiography of the early Stuart church would be surprised to find countless conformists expressing this anti-Puritan attitude after Charles I came to the throne in 1625 and raised William Laud and his friends to power.
9 Peter Capaldi as Charles I in The Devil's Whore Anyone familiar with BBC Two's satire The Thick Of It will be more used to seeing Peter Capaldi as spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, a tour de force of bad language and underhand political machinations.
Members of Caldecote's Purefoy family fought hard during the war to ensure King Charles I was brought to the scaffold.
gt; PM IN PERTH: PAGES 12&13 NO HENRY VIII UNDER THE NEW RULES THERE would have been no Henry VIII nor Charles I if women had been given equal rights to the throne at other points in royal history.
Parry's broad survey of the architecture, stained glass, wood carving, sculpture, painting, prose, poetry, and music associated with the Laudian movement lays the groundwork for more integrative studies of the English "Counter-reformation," not only by specifying the stylistic continuities among its disparate artistic expressions, but also (and perhaps more importantly) by demonstrating the complexity of that style's relationship to the theological and political views of its most visible and controversial proponents, William Laud and Charles I.