Charles Frederick Worth

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French couturier (born in England) regarded as the founder of Parisian haute couture


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I was shown a life-sized photo-portrait of his mother in pre-Titanic days at Baden-Baden, wearing what might have been a Charles Frederick Worth gown.
Although he wrote that Martin and Koda "didn't really have to invoke a list of heroic modernists - from Manet and Degas to Seurat and the Cubists-to clear themselves of suspicion that an exhibition like this one is a gala-driven exercise to gratify well-heeled donors," Schama does something analogous in championing the classic turn-of-the-century creations of Charles Frederick Worth and Paul Poiret (the designer responsible for, in his words, the "current exhibition's showstopper - the 'Sorbet' dress, of 1913") while proving himself much less sanguine about Versace's 1995 nacreous polyvinyl chloride and clear vinyl evening gown for Madonna which he calls an example of "the ultimate folly of couture's painful mismatch of popular and high culture.