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English writer whose novels depicted and criticized social injustice (1812-1870)

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The Charles Dickens Museum in London has been given a grant of more than PS780,000 by the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) to buy the desk and chair which he used in his final home, Gad's Hill Place in Kent.
The Charles Dickens School is located in Kent and is currently the educational home of approximately 1 200 students.
Charles Dickens and the Mid-Victorian Press 1850-1870
06 ( ANI ): A full-size statue of Charles Dickens is all set to be erected in Portsmouth, the city of the author's birth.
Through his characters, Charles Dickens portrays the Christian values we should portray as Christians, rather than through the study of doctrines and argumentative disputes in theology.
Charles Dickens (1812-1870) was a great fan of royalty.
The copy of the Charles Dickens novel has been in the hands of an American collector but when it came up for auction in New York, a local campaign was launched.
THE great great grandson of Charles Dickens returned to an Anglesey inn that his famous relative once savaged for its food 153 years ago.
Brothers Ian David Charles Dickens and Gerald Roderick Charles Dickens, to give them their full and very serious titles, have set out to walk the 75 miles from London to Portsmouth.
To celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Dickens, Watts Gallery has unveiled an exclusive exhibition called Dickens and the Artists which will explore Dickens' view of art and artists and the significant influence that his writings had upon the art of his age.
A Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol are good introductions to Charles Dickens, but what about for younger children?
LIVERPOOL joins in an international celebration of the work of Charles Dickens with a much anticipated new production at St George's Hall which Dickens himself once described as the most perfect hall in the world.
No writer better mastered the novel's delicate calculus of art and entertainment than Charles Dickens.
THERE were 'great expectations' of Coventry pupils who got to perform a Charles Dickens play in front of the Victorian novelist's great great grandson this week.
Manuscripts librarian Dr Maredudd ap Huw said: "The National Library of Wales doesn't hold a great deal of items connected with Charles Dickens, but when I started digging I found a cheque that he cashed on June 6, 1870.