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English natural scientist who formulated a theory of evolution by natural selection (1809-1882)

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If Charles Darwin were able to visit Kansas in 1999 he would be obliged to concede that here was living proof that natural selection doesn't always work, that the unfittest sometimes survive and that the human race is therefore actually capable of evolving backward toward, rather than away from, those youth-depressing apes.
Today 97 percent of the land area is a national park, managed by the government of Ecuador with assistance for the past 40 years from the Charles Darwin Research Station.
It will be taking young scientists out to sea to experience what Charles Darwin did.
The rest of the top 10 were William Caxton, the first English printer (1422-91); Charles Darwin, the evolutionary biologist (1809-92); the 1st Duke of Wellington, the victor of Waterloo (1769-1852); Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603); William the Conqueror (1027-87); Alfred the Great (849-99), and the explorer Capt.
Tom DeLay laid blame for the series of recent school killings directly at the feet of Charles Darwin.
Darwinism provoked one of the great controversies of the 19th century but church and science are not in conflict at Shrewsbury School where Charles Darwin was educated.
Baum, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Lewis Carroll, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, William Craft, James Fenimore Cooper, Charles Darwin, Richard Harding Davis, and Daniel Defoe.
In the 19th century, Charles Darwin proposed that honeybees forage on flowers that they see bumblebees visit.
A Midland MP is campaigning for a national holiday to recognise the scientific achievements of a famous Darwin - but it is not Charles Darwin.
The 21-day tour itinerary - which affords passengers the opportunity to spend less time in the air and more time to explore many of the continent's major capital cities, natural wonders and mysterious ancient sites - includes stops in Rio de Janeiro, Iguassu Falls, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Santiago, Easter Island, Lima and San Jose (Costa Rica), as well as a three-day/night cruise on the Abercrombie & Kent Explorer to Cape Horn, via the Beagle Channel of Charles Darwin fame, and a subsonic side-trip to Cuzco and Machu Picchu.
This book outlines the laws and theories on chaos and complexity developed by notable scientists, including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, and Jim Lovelock.
December 17, 1831: Charles Darwin set sail for a world voyage on HMS Beagle.
Subsequent incumbents include Roger Cotes, Sir George Biddel Airy, who was responsible for the first public observatory in Cambridge, James Challis, Sir George Darwin, son of the naturalist Charles Darwin, Sir Fred Hoyle and Sir Martin Rees.
This point was not lost on Charles Darwin, who spent the last few years of his life studying earthworms.
It is the home in which Charles Darwin spent his last 40 years.
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