Charles Dana Gibson

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United States illustrator remembered for his creation of the 'Gibson girl' (1867-1944)

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She was the top model of the time: she even posed for Charles Dana Gibson.
Irene, who was taller than the others, had a dimple in her chin, the bosom of a classic Southern Belle and a twenty-inch waist - Chillie never permitted her admirers to put their arms round it - and she had received sixty-two proposals of marriage before she finally said 'yes' to Charles Dana Gibson, creator of the 'Gibson Girl'.
Here we find a sardonic Charles Dana Gibson sketch ridiculing high society, a photo of the giant toes of the Statue of Liberty, the dark-suited men at the makeshift morgue amidst the remains of those poor girls, the Triangle Shirt Waist fire victims.
However, the slimmer, more athletic-looking Gibson Girl, first created by artist Charles Dana Gibson, replaced it as the ideal in the 1890s, and thinness has remained an integral part of female attractiveness ever since.
Wyeth, Charles Dana Gibson, Ogden Pleisner and many others, including Clark Hulings.
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