Charles Dana Gibson

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United States illustrator remembered for his creation of the 'Gibson girl' (1867-1944)

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Certainly any volume that attempts to compile those vessels has a daunting task, but Charles Dana Gibson and E.
However, the slimmer, more athletic-looking Gibson Girl, first created by artist Charles Dana Gibson, replaced it as the ideal in the 1890s, and thinness has remained an integral part of female attractiveness ever since.
The gallery opens with a pair of rare, full-page "Yellow Kid" originals by Richard Outcault, as well as works by Winsor McCay, Al Capp, Chester Gould, Charles Schulz, Walt Kelly, Charles Addams, Peter Arno, the Walt Disney Studio, Charles Dana Gibson, Norman Rockwell, Thomas Nast, Clifford Berryman, Herbert Block (Herblock), Bill Mauldin, William Hogarth, Al Hirschfeld and George Herriman.
Many of his published works were illustrated by Charles Dana Gibson.
The nation mourned the deaths of Charles Dana Gibson, the artist and illustrator who created the Gibson Girl, Dec.
Led by Charles Dana Gibson, a preeminent illustrator, it focused on promoting recruitment, bond drives, home-front service, troop support, and camp libraries.
Over the years tenants have included Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Marion Brando, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, and Charles Dana Gibson.
The artists represented include Milt Canill, Al Capp, Walt Disney, Charles Dana Gibson, Herblock, George Herriman, Walt Kelly, Sir David Low, Thomas Nast, R.
The work of Charles Dana Gibson began to have a major influence on Americans' perceptions of themselves.
Chaired by celebrated illustrator Charles Dana Gibson, the Committee on Public Information's Division of Pictorial Publicity met regularly to connect artists with projects.
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