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a trust created for charitable or religious or educational or scientific purposes


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Shaikh Nasser highlighted the importance of holding sports events carrying noble goals, especially for supporting the charity works in the kingdom, stressing that sports are not only meant competition between athletes, but also are important in attracting financial and moral support for charity work.
Goram's solicitor Roger College said: "This man has thrown himself into charity work and the concern is that he will not be able to keep up his commitments if he loses his licence.
Last year the 22-yearold swimming coach was crowned Miss Newcastle, starting her first real spell with charity work and now, 12 months on, as she handed back the title she said she has developed a taste for fundraising.
They said it was for charity work and my fitness classes, which I don't see as work because I enjoy them so much.
Singer Patti Boulaye, 61, won an OBE for charity work in the UK and Africa.
A source said: "He feels it would be too much on top of his charity work.
Since its founding, MXIS has been taking charity work and social contribution as the most important part of its culture.
Hany appreciated fairness and transparency introduced by the new government and said that the Finance Minister has a vision for charity work which will help global assistance to Pakistan.
In the same context, the Executive President of Zayed Initiative for Charity Work, Dr Adil Al-Shamari affirmed importance of boosting the Arab voluntary work to achieve the sustainable development.
LOCAL charity Sikh Union Coventry presented plans at a House of Commons event to widen the scope of their national and international charity work.
A recent study by employee engagement consultancy LeapCR caught my eye when it found that almost half of UK workers claimed they were more likely to stay with an employer that allowed them to carry out charity work during office hours.
The Kingdom's government is fully aware of the significance of charity work and its role in development as well as in realizing economic and social integration, in addition to uplifting the standard of life and work environment," he said.
The 38-year-old sport broadcaster and host of Channel 5's Live With Gabby, whose father Terry was manager of the Welsh football team, has been acknowledged for her devotion to charity work which she juggles with motherhood.
Washington, Oct 2 (ANI): The Duchess of Cambridge is "desperate" to do some charity work, as she wants to "give something back".
Summary: Children's charities are shocked after James Caan tired to by a baby while doing charity work in Pakistan.