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a shop that sells secondhand goods at reduced prices


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It meant he has been able to reveal the provenance of the mysterious charity shop cap - the Devonport Services, a Plymouth side he described as "a formidable outfit boosted by some fine players from around the country".
Emily, who has recently bought a new home, is planning to decorate it with some of her charity shop finds.
We have a charity shop selling both donated and brought-in goods, where Chris Black, our shop manager, and his team are always at hand to give advice on the product range and accept any donations of stock.
Families Fighting for Justice, the Merseyside charity for families whose loved ones have been murdered, is opening a charity shop in the name of its sister charity O.
It's a charity shop but it's still retail and customers will only come if it's nice.
AUSTERITY Britain has triggered a 30 per cent surge in the number of high street charity shops in just five years.
BBC Newcastle and Look North's Charlie Charlton and The Cyrenians' chief executive, Stephen Bell, OBE, offi-cially opened the Cyrenians' new charity shop on Gateshead High Street.
Currently, charity shops receive 80% business rate relief across the board, whereas the new suggestions will give 80% rate relief for the first PS12,000 of rateable value, 50% relief for the next PS24,000 and then no relief thereafter, in essence greatly increasing the cost of operating charity shops across Wales.
Every penny made at the charity shop is invested in the village.
Charity shop workers in Ball Hill, Stoke, say gangs of Eastern Europeans swamp their shops - diverting staff while their children steal.
But a charity shop acting like a commercial enterprise would be seen as distorting the market.
Just because they're a charity shop doesn't mean they should lower their standards.
Why spend a fortune on a designer wardrobe when charity shop chic will give you the same great look for a knockdown price?
I love a good charity shop, especially when I'm travelling.