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a trust created for charitable or religious or educational or scientific purposes


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Under New Hampshire law, the state provides an exemption for the property of a charitable organization if that property is used by the organization for the charitable purposes for which the organization was established, and if the organization's income and profit is used solely for those charitable purposes.
On appeal, CCLP claimed that, by rebuilding the neighborhood's infrastructure, it preserved the area's historic character, prevented community deterioration, and relieved the burdens of government, all of which are charitable purposes.
IRC section 4942 describes the excise tax on nonoperating foundations that fail to distribute a minimum amount for charitable purposes.
A club spokesman said: "The public were once again extremely generous in their donations, for which every penny is used for charitable purposes.
Since the code does not expressly mention hospitals or health care services, hospitals must demonstrate they are operated for charitable purposes to qualify--for example, by having outside community leaders on boards of trustees, providing medical services to patients able to pay (including government health care recipients) and operating, emergency rooms open to all (including those unable to pay).
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code provides exemption from federal income tax to organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes as long as no part of the organization's net earnings of inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual.
Hence, just as individual taxpayers do not wish to see the nature and extent of their expenditures for medical care, for housing, or charitable purposes disclosed -- which are all relevant to the determination of their tax liability -- corporate taxpayers have a legitimate interest in preserving the confidentiality of their myriad expenditures and investments.
Established in 1993, the AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation is a Delaware not-for-profit corporation and a 501(c)(3) entity organized for charitable purposes, including to promote public awareness of healthcare issues, to promote public education of medical knowledge, and to support or contribute to charitable and qualified exempt organizations consistent with its charitable purpose.
While the case was unfolding, the British Parliament--opting for a broader approach than has won favour in Canada--passed legislation in 2006 making the "advancement of amateur sport" and 11 other categories of public benefit work recognized charitable purposes.
O's charitable purposes include helping needy individuals who are unemployed to develop new job skills, finding job placements for the individuals and providing transportation for these individuals who need a means of transportation to jobs in areas not served by public transportation.
However, a trial court found that PEP was entitled to a tax exemption because PEP proved the existence of a compelling linkage between its charitable purposes and the use of its property as the residence of the executive director.
Domestic private foundations decreased their total amount of contributions, gifts, and grants distributed for charitable purposes to $27.
The Commission needs to find out whether these funds were applied for charitable purposes, as required by the terms of the original appeal.
antiracist sentiment and the promotion of race relations are recognized as charitable purposes.
Last year's Oktoberfest raised $44,000 for charitable purposes.
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