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the amount by which the selling price of an asset exceeds the purchase price

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For the purposes of UK taxation of chargeable gains, the allotment and issue
include: group relief, group chargeable gains and losses, group tax payments, consortium arrangements, transfers of ' assets within a group and transfers of trades within a group.
Here, the donor and donee jointly elect to hold over any chargeable gains accrued during the donor's period of ownership, resulting in no tax payable until they themselves dispose of the asset.
The aggregate base cost for the purposes of taxation of UK chargeable gains of
There are allowable losses to be deducted from chargeable gains; and chargeable gains before deducting losses and applying taper relief total more than GBP8,800
You will be able to register the loss as relating to the period before the start of self assessment, ready for use against your current year gain, assuming that no chargeable gains have been made since.
The tax relief is the same as for VCTs, except that the top investment allowed is 150,000 [pounds sterling] and any capital loss, after deducting EIS income tax relief, may be set against chargeable gains or taxable income at the election of the investor.
A further complexity is that where disposal of an asset results in a loss for CGT, that loss can reduce any chargeable gains made in the same tax year.
As David's taxable income and chargeable gains are less than pounds 37,400 he will be no worse off, because the 18 per cent CGT rate remains unchanged for basic rate taxpayer.
UK capital gains tax or corporation tax on chargeable gains.
Part 18 Payments In Respect Of Professional Services By Certain Persons And Payments To Subcontractors In Certain Industries Part 19 Principal Provisions Relating To Taxation Of Chargeable Gains.
Planning for a downturn in business will often involve disposals of valuable business assets to raise cash and this may crystallise large chargeable gains.
Companies or groups that meet the UK REIT eligibility criteria will not pay corporation tax on rental income or capital gains tax on chargeable gains.
The annual exemption is the only exemption available to you before calculating any tax you will have to pay on chargeable gains.