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Synonyms for write-off

(accounting) reduction in the book value of an asset

the act of cancelling from an account a bad debt or a worthless asset

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As a percent of total loans and leases, total net charge-offs have fallen from about 0.
166(a)(2) deduction is equal to the company's SSAP 43R credit-related impairment charge-offs for the same items as reported on the company's annual statement.
banks have now recognized about three-fourths of their crisis-related loan charge-offs," said Joseph Pucella, Moody's vice president-senior analyst, financial institutions group.
Loan charge-offs have decreased on an aggregate basis for four consecutive quarters and were 2.
He said that 30 to 40 percent of the company's charge-offs are historically derived from bankruptcy filings, while the remainder stems from credit losses that are passed to collections.
First things first, It takes at least seven years for a charge-off to be removed from your credit report.
During the third quarter, charge-offs increased to approximately $8.
banks, from 1983 to 1993, nonperforming loans and net charge-offs (charge-offs less recoveries on previously charged-off loans) during the following four quarters were highly correlated, with a correlation coefficient of 0.
Moreover, the data on credit card charge-offs seem to reveal a secular trend toward higher losses, likely reflecting the relaxation of credit standards and the sizable expansion of card issuance during the 1980s.
VION offers solutions throughout the receivable lifecycle including originations, divestitures, liquidations, charge-offs, and turnarounds.
Charge-offs and 60+ days delinquencies have remained relatively stable over the past 24 months and the monthly payment rate (MPR) has remained consistent since the inception of the trust.
Net charge-offs are loans that arc deemed to be unrecoverable after being written off.
Delinquencies and Charge-Offs as a % of Outstandings > 30 Days 1.
The result is that CMBS statistics, including balances and delinquency rates, are generally reported for the entire outstanding balance and do not contend with issues such as write-downs or charge-offs.
The service said it expected a 20% or a deeper drop in charge offs in Sallie Mae's traditional loan portfolio by the end of 2012 as well as lower charge-offs in its non-traditional loans.