battery charger

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a device for charging or recharging batteries


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To form and test a battery, the battery must go through charge and discharge cycles during which battery current and voltage must be precisely monitored and controlled to prevent battery failure or a reduction in capacity.
The combined material, consisting of a manganese oxide shell and a highly conductive nanotube core, is said to be capable of increasing the number of battery charge and discharge cycles compared to lithium-ion based versions.
The IC ensures a continuous and uninterrupted flow of power to the system while reducing the number of charge and discharge cycles on the battery.
Magnesium batteries can be engineered for any electrically powered device which might benefit from the availability of a portable battery able to undergo thousands of charge and discharge cycles," noted Meir Ezra, president and chief executive officer of Idea One.
But many manufacturers are experimenting with these battery chemistries and improving upon their features so that they can withstand the industrial conditions of high charge and discharge cycles, extreme temperatures, rugged environment, and low maintenance.