Jean Martin Charcot

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French neurologist who tried to use hypnotism to cure hysteria (1825-1893)


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We describe a case of MTB infection of the foot in a patient initially diagnosed with Charcot joint.
Infectious pathologies were considered; however, the clinical scenario was consistent with Charcot joint.
Charcot joint or Charcot foot, a disorder in which the joint or foot fractures or dislocates as a result of this nerve abnormality, was considered a rarity until a few years ago.
The effect of Charcot joints is one of sudden, dramatic collapse in the extremities, occurring even without injury, and at times causing complete dislocation of the foot from the end of the leg," explains James W.
ABSTRACT: Diabetic foot disease in the form of ulceration, charcot joint fracture, and amputation affects 20% of patients with diabetes.