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French neurologist who tried to use hypnotism to cure hysteria (1825-1893)

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As for Shaw, who was able to avoid amputation, she now spends much of her time advocating for greater awareness of Charcot foot, informing and educating at-risk patients and the general public.
Traditionally, the 'European Charcot Foundation Lecture' has always been the highlight of the European Charcot Foundation Symposia.
a qualitative architectural and landscaping of the court of the aisle charcot and the entrance to the jardin des plantes with particular attention to leveling, to open the botanical garden city and prolong the qualitative presence of plant on public spaces in the principle of the development of the course of biodiversity, and coating materials in the spirit of the nantes walk already achieved.
I find this period of the end of the 19th century--the period of Charcot, the Salpetriere, you know--mysterious.
SBi is providing an educational grant for a workshop on March 19th entitled Essentials of Circular Fixation for the Treatment of Charcot Deformity and Damage Control Orthopedics.
SBi hopes to encourage broader private sector help to surgeons treating diabetics who suffer from Charcot foot disease and ulceration associated with diabetes.
12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SBi is inviting patients and surgeons alike to explore its new Charcot Solution website.
Contract award: setting fire safety of charcot building of the avicenne hospital
a leading manufacturer of orthopedic and physical rehabilitation products, today announces its Sure Step Neuropathic Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker (CROW), a custom orthosis used in treating Charcot degeneration of the foot and ankle.
Architectural and engineering competition is organized for the reconstruction of College Jean Charcot in Oissel.
Contract notice: Restructuring and completion of the new hospital in charcot pleasure (78).
Last year, ExonHit entered a clinical trial in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease commonly known as Charcot and Lou Gehrig's disease.
ExonHit's therapeutic pipeline includes a compound for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (commonly known as Charcot or Lou Gehrig's disease) which is currently in a large Phase II clinical trial (400 patients) for evaluation of its safety and its efficacy on survival.
MND was first described in 1874 by French neurologist Jean-Marie Charcot.