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Synonyms for charcoal

a carbonaceous material obtained by heating wood or other organic matter in the absence of air

a stick of black carbon material used for drawing


Related Words

a drawing made with a stick of black carbon material

Related Words

draw, trace, or represent with charcoal

of a very dark grey

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The Improved Charcoal Stove was introduced in Tanzania in 1988, and research continues in developed and developing countries alike on designing more efficient firewood and charcoal burning stoves.
The stoves, which are already on the market in Africa, replace dirty and polluting kerosene and open fires and can save a substantial amount of fire-wood and charcoal burning.
Preliminary investigation revealed that the father might have contemplated the charcoal burning due to his chronic illness.
In addition to large ramparts forming an enclosure, it also contains smaller ditches, relict field boundaries and charcoal burning platforms.
The next day we had to cross this mountain which rose to about 5000ft and for this part of the trip we were again fortunate to have guides - a family with two mules, returning to their home after a season of charcoal burning up in the hills.
The Mikeno section of the park and its gorillas are facing a number of potentially catastrophic threats that have recently emerged including resumed cattle ranching and charcoal burning which could permanently destroy parts of the gorilla's habitat.
The Kenyan government slapped a ban on collection of firewood in the region around Mount Kenya (a once snowcapped mountain that has lost its permanent ice) after realizing the alarming depletion of forest cover due to logging and charcoal burning.
Elsewhere in the wood there'll be oak bark peeling, hurdle-making, tree-top "zip" rides, forest theatre, eco-artists, horse-logging, charcoal burning, birds of prey, blacksmithing, archery and music.
Bird box making, a display of owls, wood carving, horse logging, chain saw sculptures, charcoal burning and tree planting were among the many attractions on offer.
The Vesto has three types of secondary air inlets, allowing it to function as both a charcoal-producing gasifier and a charcoal burning, wood burning, or dung burning stove.
On the other hand, lack of information led to the development of public myths, with people in Guangdong believing that boiling white vinegar would protect them from infection and leading to carbon monoxide poisoning from charcoal burning to heat the vinegar (22).
Many of these people lived by charcoal burning, obviously a marginal livelihood.
However, due to environmental concerns relating to small charcoal burning operations and markets reaching near saturation, other uses for waste residues are becoming increasingly sought after Further, the developed nature of the charcoal briquette manufacturing sector in South Africa has seen this industry become a highly capital intensive, modern production sub-sector in the global economy that provides fewer and fewer jobs as time goes by.
Also among the visitors have been an elderly South Korean couple and a former chief of a factory in the Philippines who wanted to learn about bamboo charcoal burning in the town to start a new business, they said.
We'll be demonstrating new and old woodturning skills, charcoal burning and chair bodging - making chairs.