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an ordered list of characters that are used together in writing or printing

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Multilingual Computing and the Problem of Character Encoding and Rendering -- annotated guide
The Unicode Worldwide Character Standard is a 16-bit international character encoding system for information processing.
Big 5 is a character encoding method used in Taiwan (Republic of China) and Hong Kong to enable traditional Chinese characters to be rendered on computers.
Unicode is a worldwide character encoding standard designed to provide the global interchange of multilingual information.
Unicode is a 16-bit character encoding that encompasses all known characters and is used as a worldwide character-encoding standard.
Used as a stand alone multi-lingual editor application for Windows(TM) or embedded in applications supporting virtually any operating system, Gamma UniVerse enables all applications written in C++ or Visual Basic to transparently support the industry-standard Unicode(TM) character encoding system - with full support of over 175 languages.
Our US Government customers are standardizing on Unicode character encoding to deliver mission critical applications supporting many foreign languages," adds Ms.
NET by simplifying application configuration, providing complete character encoding solutions for international markets, and adding a Btrieve support option.
This universal character encoding scheme solves the problem of handling multiple languages simultaneously for multinational organizations.
With this new single international character encoding standard, exchanging computerized text between countries will become as flexible as fax machines are today," said Asmus Freytag, Unicode Inc.
EUC is a character encoding scheme created for the purpose of using various languages in the world on the UNIX operating system, and is based on the standards defined by the International Standard Organization (ISO).
In an ongoing effort to aggressively build its database of metadata and links to Japanese streams, Singingfish works with a team of Japanese interns at its Seattle headquarters translating Japanese character encoding into UTF-8, and continually testing the relevance of returns for Japanese queries.
For example, in order to mine an email for key words, phrases, or patterns, the overall system must be able to accurately identify the character encoding and language.
Users can test to ensure that character encodings aren't being corrupted and that strings of code and interfaces are expanding properly.
By processing single byte, multibyte and wide character encodings, Edition 4 enables developers to quickly build a single application that conforms to a variety of languages, locations and related cultural conventions.