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an ordered list of characters that are used together in writing or printing

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It should be noted also that UTF-8 should always be specified as the character encoding system with text containing two or more non-Latin scripts.
Because of the multilingual uses of Chinese logographic characters in East Asia, each country or region has developed its own standards in character encoding.
This sensitivity to the needs of various languages was also seen in discussions about the need to adopt the Unicode Character Encoding Standard (Unicode).
latest version)o Google Chrome (latest version)o Apple Safario Opera- Using UTF-8 for character encoding.
With a professional team of project managers, the company will assign experienced professionals to localize everything ranging from design and layout, color and images, character encoding and content management systems.
In 1983, ISO began developing a 2-byte (16-bit) standard for character encoding, ISO 10646.
To further meet the demands of customers, CuteFTP version 9 provides UTF-8 character encoding support for international file naming, support for WebDAV shares, and numerous interface and security enhancements.
In September, the Open Standards Board endorsed the first open standards for government technology on persistent resolvable identifiers and cross-platform character encoding.
The project involved encoding special characters of non-English language using MARC8 and UTF-8 character encoding, mapping of metadata in input XML files with output template fields expected by T&F, conversion of MARC records to MARCXML format as per the LOC XML schema and single XML output with all output MARC records.
Character encoding support and word/paragraph navigation have also been improved compared to the previous version.
1 of the Unicode Standard, the character encoding system defined by the Unicode Consortium.
More than half of all web pages use multi-byte / double byte, and it is the main character encoding used internationally online.
The static analysis identifies source code typically used in malicious attacks, including encoded JavaScript, web bugs and character encoding inside of inline frames.
The typefaces also support the Big5 Chinese character encoding system.
The newsletters themselves can be created in any language (including, for example, Chinese and Russian) since UTF-8 character encoding is supported.