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the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features

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The character design runs the organic gamut -- spiders, giant worms, mammoth slugs, glowing supermoths are just some of the things you'll face.
In addition, Nick Park won for character design (a full listing of awards follows below).
Asia, who has received support from HI8US Midlands Ltd since 2003, is the winner of the Kids Character Design.
The combination of Landreth's inventive character design fuelled by the raw, awkwardness that you could only get through a real, unscripted interview, gives this scene great intensity.
Alternative or label overlays modify the layout or character design of the keyboard; the software program reconfigures the layout.
Storytelling and character design are also covered.
Schodt, who is currently translating the entire canon of Astro Boy comics into English, explains: "The biggest area of influence was not in character design or narrative construct; it was, instead, related to economics, Astro Boy was made on a shoestring budget compared to shows in the US at the time, and it was made in an extraordinarily short time frame, making it possible to have a weekly show on US TV.
iNext creator, a former animation studio specializing in character design and animation production, has shifted its core business from animation production to the licensing of its original character "OBtuz".
Rather than introducing one-dimensional characters who are absolutely good or evil, there is an emphasis on dynamic character design, which helps make the content that much more relatable.
The Dubai Women's College (DWC) graduate has been nurturing her talent for character design since she was a shy little girl.
Visuals retain the series' simple, bold character design, and the game uses the stylus to play a range of mini-games and undertake new secret agent tests.
I was talking about character design and what the kids could do if they want to go into this.
Covering everything from narrative structure and the techniques of visual storytelling cinematography, preproduction (including animatics), the sound track, character design, production (including character animation), and postproduction, Wellins considers a wide range of tools and methods, including stop motion, software manipulation, and scanner animation.
The Monster Shop is a full service production studio that specializes in stop-motion animation, character design, and production design.
2PM - Josh Singh from Riot Games will talk about and demonstrate character design for League of Legends.