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(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies

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To take the Character Code Quiz to learn your own code, visit this link: www.
Before Unicode, 8-bit character encoding with its built-in limit of 256 characters could have the same character code number represent a different character in different alphabets.
This reference outlines the requirements for conforming to the Unicode character encoding standard, and provides guidelines for implementers and character code charts and names.
Through various database translation support toots that can make effective use of past translations, and in the near future a document creation tool that can cope with each character code without being dependent on the computer's OS, Creer is investing in maximizing the latest translation technology," says Luu.
For any of these problems, one possible solution would be to add a dedicated microprocessor to handle the overhead, convert EBCDIC character code to ASCII, handle a synchronous protocol on one side and an async interface on the other and multiplex terminals.
The postcode will be a seven character code in the format A65 B2CD, with the first three characters relating to a general area or postal district in which the address is located.
MicroTech has given back to the community through unsurpassed volunteer efforts, fund drives and charity donations, and living up to a high ethical character code.
com Courses are referred to by their four- character code.