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an actor who specializes in playing supporting roles

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Top comedienne and character actress Jo Enright will host the charity gig and will be joined by Barbara Nice, Andy Robinson, Andy White and James Cook.
I know if I cross a certain line I'll probably become a character actress, but I've never gotten or not gotten a job based on my weight.
A I'm sure you mean the wonderful character actress Margaret Dumont (1889-1965).
Denise used to come and see all our plays and she must have been inspired by her performances because she really was a wonderful character actress and a singer.
Toni Collette has always been a great character actress, stealing scenes in films like The Sixth Sense and About A Boy.
Among people to have visited the property are title character actress Gudrun Ure and comedian Billy Connolly.
Donald Crisp, the family patriarch, and his earth-mother missus played by the Irish character actress Sara Allgood, never came across as typical Taffs - although Scotsman Crisp won the Oscar for best supporting actor.
I've always described myself as a character actress because I like reinventing myself.
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, whose members are Los Angeles-based entertainment reporters for newspapers, magazines and broadcast outlets all over the world, gave a standing ovation for the organization's oldest active member, 92-year-old Argentina Brunetti, a veteran character actress who writes for the Italian newspaper Chi and an Italian-language magazine distributed in Canada.
2 Which cheerful Cockney character actress played Julia McKenzie's nosy neighbour in Maggie And Her, and Granny in Metal Mickey?
She's an award-winning actress who played Cilla Black in the ITV biopic - and Sheridan Smith says she wants character actress Kathy Burke to play her in a film about her life.
TCM'S "Summer of Stars'' recently saluted the great character actress Thelma Ritter -- six times Oscar nominated, never a winner.
I really want to be a character actress and this feels like a step in the right direction.
Both talented performers in their own right, Nicola Wilkinson (actress and stand-up comedian - Finalist in both New Act of the Year and So You Think You're Funny 2013) and Claire Ford (comedy character actress and film-maker - Creator of internet sensation Terri Skyler of BBC Pilot 'Fat Pipes' fame) have amazing chemistry as a double-act.