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an actor who specializes in playing supporting roles

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This volume presents brief biographies of 96 character actors along with summaries of plots from their best known films, and a well-chosen black and white photograph of each actor.
His spokesman Peter Charlesworth said: "He was a very powerful character actor, able to play villains and nice roles with ease.
Lauded as "Canada's top character actor of his generation," Chaykin studied acting at State University in Buffalo and founded a theatre group which toured Toronto in the late 1960s.
Tony Darrow, Joe Ganniscoli and Vincent Pastore are all seasoned character actors that are really good guys who happen to portray bad guys in movies and on television," said Joey DiFrancesco of Raven Moon Entertainment, general partner of Gina D and the Transistor Sisters, the Movie LLLP.
And if you're even moderately versed in Hollywood character actors, you understand what a brilliant cast Kenny has assembled here.
ONE of Britain's best character actors, Rhys Ifans has just filmed a rare starring role - in an Oasis video.
McGregor winks his way through his role (the name "Catcher Block" is beyond brilliant), providing enough charisma to float the Queen Mary--or Renee Zellweger--while David Hyde Pierce and Sarah Paulson (and, in smaller roles, Jeri Ryan and Jack Plotnick) do right by the great scene-stealing character actors of yore.
Barefoot in black trousers and white dress shirts, the two men were equally superb as dancers and character actors.
CHARACTER actors are needed to take on roles in a Rugby Theatre production later this year.
The great character actors Daniel Massey and Bob Peck also provide voices in their final screen roles.
Together, these two aged character actors embody a range of American experience that encompasses the iconic and the breathtakingly quotidian, and in turn the incongruous serendipity of their reconciliation speaks to just how much of that far-flung experience David Lynch's films have laid claim to.
Cast in HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES are some of the great character actors of today, including cult star Sid Haig, Bill Moseley ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2"), Sheri Moon (Zombie video vixen), Karen Black ("Five Easy Pieces," "Trilogy of Terror"), Chris Hardwick (MTV's "Singled Out"), Erin Daniels ("One Hour Photo"), Jennifer Jostyn ("Deep Impact") and Rainn Wilson (the newest mortician on "Six Feet Under").
21, the Reel Cowboys - a group of old movie and TV Western character actors - will hold their annual Silver Spur Awards at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City.
If they're not careful, the Rovers will eventually consist purely of increasingly camp, comic, elderly Northern character actors blending in with the already abundant array of gorgeous, pouting, scantily-clad young pin-ups the Street's got.
Farber also loves character actors, and much of his best writing is devoted to supporting cast members like Gene Evans in Fuller's The Steel Helmet, who "plays the hot-headed [sic] showing off, the endless chewing on a cigar stump with the blast effect of water issuing from a whale's spout, bestial and grotesque as a charm spot in a film dedicated to the U.